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Radar Profile boot


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I swung into a shop the other day to look at and try on the newer Profile boot since I'm looking for a bit higher and stiffer boot than my Prime. My foot is a little wide but not so much that I order wide shoe sizes (I do wear keens almost exclusively).  I also have a higher arch so the top of my foot is higher.  The Profile boot was very tight across the top of my foot just behind my toes. The sales guy said that it may break in but I have a hard time believing it will that much.  Does anyone have experience with the Profile and how much will it break in? Anything else I should be looking at that may fit my foot better?

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I have had Profile boots for the last 2 years and have really liked them. I had Vectors previously, and Rails before that. The Profiles are much more comfortable with more control of the ski. I haven't had any problem with the width of the toe box, but then I don't really cinch that down.

I would recommend that you give a call to Radar and ask for Chris Sullivan, and talk with him. Great guy, very knowledgeable, and will give honest advice.

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I have the 2014 Profile boots (the year they were bright orange).   I have a pretty wide foot as well and sometimes do get wider shoes.   I don't have the higher arch you speak of though.

I find the boot to be very comfortable.  It was tight and a little tough to get in to at first, but I can slip in to it fairly easy now.  With the fabric liner, I don't use anything to help me get into the boot, like soap, since I was told this would degrade the inner lining.  The lower part of the boot has a "stretchy" cord and isn't meant to be pulled tight.  The top part of the boot has a more conventional pull cord (non-stretchy) but still isn't meant to be pulled super tight.

The boot is mounted to a plate that allows you to cant the boot.   I do find that this loosens up on occasion and the entire binding has to come off the ski to tighten it.  Of course I usually notice at the most inopportune time, like when I'm just about to ski.   This is really my only complaint and that complaint isn't really with the boot, but the connection to the ski.

I should mention that I ride with a double boot, so I have the boot on each foot, rather that a rear toe plate.

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I have the 2014s as well.  I wear double boots and have high arches as well, i have found them to be quite good in terms or performance vs comfort and generally pretty comfortable.  I find that the vapors are less comfortable though i will admin the new ones with the BOA system are tempting.

Sorry didnt really answer your initial question as far as break in goes.  I've skied probably 300+ sets on them and have not noticed a large change in their fit so i would not expect them to change drastically.  Bonus over the profile/vector style is the close toe keeps your feet a bit warmer in the cold weather.

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Thanks guys for the feedback. I planning on demoing it once the season gets rolling but just wanted to know what people were experiencing with the Profile.

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