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New 2015 VTX delivery

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Hi guys,

just about to take delivery of my new 2015 VTX. This is my first malibu and just wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks that they have found for the setup for VTX that would be helpful. I mainly slalom but am looking to get into wake surfing and all my mates wakeboard.


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Awesome boat!  I think that's the first newer Malibu I've seen on a trailer with rollers.  I ski with my bow tank 1/2 full.  For surfing you'll want 550 or 750 PNPs in the back, all factory ballast full, PNPs full on the surf side, and about 80% full on the non surf side.  This will list it just a tad, and make your wave better.  10.4-11.6 mph, somewhere in there should be a sweet spot.  Wedge a couple clicks up as stated above.  What prop do you have?  The ACME 537 might struggle a bit (assuming you have the 350 Monsoon) surfing if you are weighted down, but the ACME 1941 or 1235 will do fine.  Congrats!

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I agree with all above but add some bow weight as well like the 650 sumo bow triangle if you want to take it up a notch. 


For wake boarding I leave my rear bags full and dump some out of the bow triangle and my rear hard tanks at 50%.


Very nice looking boat,  I bet mine would look pretty similar if I took off the graphics and went with the standard logo.....maybe I'll do that at some point

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The crank looks like it's on the opposite side too, is that an Australian thing, or are you left handed?  Hey, which way does the water go around the bowl when you guys flush down there?  :dontknow:  Any more pics of your boat?  What colors did you get for the vinyl?  I really like that purple.........my next boat might have to have purple on it somewhere.

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Thanks guys I wasn't to sure about basically having a blank canvas with the white and purple but it's growing on me, the intention was to get it vinyl wrapped but I don't know now!

Yeah it is the standard 350 monsoon. And the rollers are a great addition, the trailer company malibu uses over here just bought them in as an option.

And no your eyes don't deceive you the crank is on the left side as it's usually on the passenger side over here.

i have other pics but not sure how to upload them as not to sure how to upload on this new siteimage.thumb.jpg.02aed9ca2b21649a85f12a38image.thumb.jpg.298e4f1f1fcf353466766a23

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Congrats on the VTX!  Does the rock guard portion come off the cover?  Interesting solution to trailering but I wonder if that part of the cover will get stained with road grime.  Maybe that is better than on the boat.

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Thanks mate, yes the front bow cover is separate to the main travel cover so it's designed to cop a bit of flack, much better that than my gel coat!

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