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2015 memory for time and radio


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so I am in the middle of re doing my stereo and I am pretty sure that when I turned my batteries of via perko switch I would loose my time on the main display, not sure about radio settings, ie radio station settings, bass,treble, etc. Can anyone confirm this and if so is there a memory wire to run direct to battery from black box. I am not sure if this will even work for keeping the time because I think the time is controlled by the 7" control screen? I know on my 2010 I ran my black box constant power/memory to the battery and this worked for keeping all the settings. However the 2015's are now controlled by the 7" control screen

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There is a memory wire (yellow wire) but mine doesn't retain all the setting even though I wired the yellow directly to a battery (fused, of course). Rockford Fosgate also doesn't have a link to the manual on their site, just a circular redirect, so grab a copy of the manual from Crutchfield:


I constantly have to reset Zone 2 to be on since I have too many amps installed for the single remote power lead to work. I need to replace the remote on lead with a relay, but haven't tackled that project yet.

There is a bug in the Maliview (Viper II) firmware that also causes issues with setting the clock, so I've never seen the clock with the correct time one it. (why didn't Medallion just use the GPS signal for time?!)

The bass/treble/fade settings will be retained, not sure about station memory/presets since I don't get any radio reception when I'm on the water.

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Thanks Mikeo, so if I do not connect my yellow wire direct to power do you think I will not retain bass/treble, etc?, what did you gain by doing this if you know over factory. I am afraid if I do this I may create noise into the stereo, I had terrible noise from the factory and after I installed all new batteries and cleaned up some wiring last year things were much better.

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By default I always hook up the memory lead unless I'm troubleshooting. I did have a significant amount of noise in the system when I did my stereo modifications, and I traced the noise to the remote amp turn-on (brown) lead so I used both trigger 1 and trigger 2 for my amps.

My boat is ~1 hr. away, so I'm not able to test and see what may be lost when power is removed.

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