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Victoria Factor or Agent


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After some advice from the crew about the factor and agent board would be mainly for me at 170, can ride rope less easily enough on an old 4.7 broadcast.

Also would like to get the CFO (about 115) and the eldest daughter(a bit less) up and riding.

Can get small, medium and large in the factor but only small or large in the agent.

Any advise is more than welcome.

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I've never been on an agent, and have owned a factor for 4 seasons. For newbs, I don't think the factor would be much fun. it's loose like a skateboard on a hockey rink. In fact it's the one board nobody but me ever wants to ride. I love it btw, but it's not too beginner friendly unless you are coming from some other board sports experience.

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Everyone who would be riding already wakeboards and wake skates.

That is the sort of info I am after though and the reason I was leaning towards the agent but I don't know if the small would be enough board for me

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We have a Victoria agent board, it's not the fastest board pot there but it has got some speed. Took many riding levels from good to better. The size of our Agent is a Medium which is 51" I find the size is good for smaller ish riders but as soon as you get bigger it starts to nose dive easier and just harder to keep the wave. If you're looking into getting it I would recommend that board but in a large. For your daughter the small would be great but not you.

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Bigger guy here 6'4 240(with my winter coat on) I demo'd the factor carbon xl and really liked it coming from a surf stile board it was loose and fast, it is a more difficult board to ride and I was fortunate to get some coaching from wakemitch on how to ride it. Agree with Shawn in that I would be the only one in our crew that would have ridden it, which is why I ended up passing it up.

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The factor is more responsive rail to rail, and the agent is more forgiving. Those are the main differences

The medium agent would be a good board for the whole family as your first skim style board. The medium agent is ideal for 140-190 but can handle 225+ lbs with a good wake. I've even had people over 250 on it and learning 360s. The price and graphics are also killer for 2016

Also, the agent is only available in a medium for 2016

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49 minutes ago, saxton15 said:

Has the design changed over the years?  I found a very cheap 2012 agent for sale and I'm considering it.  

The M size changed shape mid season in 2012. The width went from ~23" to 21.5" which is the current shape. I would pass if it is the old shape. The old shape sat too high in the water, hard to slow down, and the edges caught the water because it was so wide.  I got to R&D the current shape and it is a great shape for so many riders. 

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