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2014 v 2015 T22 surf wave difference?


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I read about changes for 2015 to the T22 and A22, but can't find many specifics. What was changed about the Hull? Any noticeable difference in Surf Wake? Is it worth money in getting less optioned 15 over a 14?

Hate to buy a 14 if changes were significant? Resale?

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A22 -- 15 is new hull, so not really comparable to prior A22. New is supposedly better, and closer to T22 for surfing.

T22 -- 15 is same hull as 14, so should surf the same. Big difference for 15 was the stepped down transmission gearing which should allow you to push more weight with a small motor.

Tower also changed in '15 on both, but the old tower was OK. I wouldn't pick a 14 over a 15 based on the tower.

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Yep, what Shawn said.

One thing on the 14 vs 15 T22. Most of the 14s have the drain and vent thru hull in the back of the locker not the front. They changed it in 15 to the front like every other boat in the Axis/Malibu line. The problem is if using Plug n Play you may lose some water out of those thru hulls. I raised my lines up in the back of the locker to help but I want to go with 900s so I need to rerun the ballast lines up to the front of the locker as high as possible and back down to the thru hulls. I've talked to Malibu and they are aware of the design flaw and will cover it under warranty. Something to consider if the prices are similar.

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There were several changes between 14 and 15 I believe.

As noted above...tower and transmission ratios.

Other changes I can think of off the top of my head is stereo, they went to all wet sounds speakers. Also I believe the engine changed with the transmission. PCM motors vs I'm not sure. They also offered surf straps on the Bimini and went to single exhaust outlet vs dual. I feel like I read somewhere that platform is higher than years prior?

I'm sure there are tons of little changes as with every boat but you can't really go wrong with either! Good luck in your search, I love mine!

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