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Engine Removal - 340 Monsoon

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Hi all,

Seems like my sump pan has corroded at the drain hose connection point and the engine has dumped all its oil.

Will need to pull the engine for this one. While I have the engine out, is there any other common failure items that I should look to replace? Boat is a Australian built 2004 wakesetter vlx with 360hrs. Damper plate was one I was thinking of.

Also, does anyone know of detailed webpages/threads showing easiest way for removing these engines?

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That's what I found when I pulled my engine, the oil pan was severely corroded around the drain hose connection.

One thing I wished I has done was to replace the pan with one designed to work with the engine mounted backwards, maybe this one:


This would fix the oil starvation problem while coming on plane with ballast.

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That was one thing I was going to look at, would be good not to overfill the oil to solve that issue. I wonder if it comes in alloy to prevent future corrosion.

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When I replaced the engine in my 2004 LSV (previous owner let the block freeze and crack) I went ahead and replaced the damper/ride plate with the HD version (spings enclosed) that was available in 2011. Figuring that as long as the engine was out and the ride plate was exposed this would be the perfect time to do the preventative maintenance to prevent the potential 2004/2005 flaw form surfacing. Reinstalled everything and had an alignment done. I never loosened or adjusted the transmission while replacing the engine. Many wonderful hours were had by all in and behind the boat.

Fast forward to Fall of 2014, while winterizing the boat I noticed a hairline crack on the bell housing starting at the lateral most starter bolt. Spoke to the service manager at my dealership and he stated that that shouldn't cause any issues.

Fast forward to 4th of July weekend 2015, Sunday am, the ride plate let go and and took out the bell housing as well. Ordered a new ride plate (springs now exposed again) and a new bell housing. Took the following Sunday and replaced the parts and pieces that were broken and was back on the water in as quickly as could. Also has the engine, transmission and propshaft all aligned to make sure everything was a strait as could be.

I truly believe that there was an issue with the bell housing. Was it a bad casting? A bad fitment to the trans and or engine? This I do not know. Our neighbor has a 2005 LSV. The ride plate has let go twice on their boat, the second time it took out the bell housing as well. Bell housing was replaced and the boat has had no issues since. (Knock on wood).

Long story short.....Go ahead and replace the bell housing was well. It's not that expensive and as long as you have that much of the boat torn down it is a whole lot easier than loosing a couple weekends in summer and much less frustration. I was able to order the bell housing and ride plate though my dealer for less or close to the price of Bakes or Skidim and the service department is more than willing to talk to me and help me trouble shoot so a few buck more is well worth it to me to spend it with them.

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@timmc10: before you pull the engine, I would look over all the various ways you service the engine or check things and mull over how you might be able to do them better or easier (is your oil drain line a length you like, do you want a remote oil filter...) as that will be a perfect time to alter or install the desired items.

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