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Bungee dockline


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If you are on a four point tie bungee ropes are ok to take up the shock load, but always have 1/2 in rope safty lines . My boat went though a storm at the end of the summer. The only lines that did not brake were the bungee lines, however my boat took a beating. Three boats were lost in that storm and all three had bungee snubbers on the linens. The shock load was to much for the 18 in rubber snubbers and still broke the ropes and at $ 65 per you could buy a few new ski vest that will last longer. Next year I am going to get 1/2 in rubber rope and make my snubbers myself to fit the slip and also go back to the old 1/2 in three braid nylon rope for safty lines.

You should also note that the boats that sunk did not have there mooring covers on that night, one took on water over the battery's and shorted out, so the bildge pump quit. I have been boating for 35 years and though I was doing everything write but you still learn lessons every year I find.

You can get rubber rope at heavy truck supply stors and dbl it up for the tension you want but always always always did I say always enuff have strong saftey lines and put the mooring cover on. Ins claims take months so sink it in the spring and you will not be boating all summer.

Have a great winter we are all ready skiing up here in the okanagan valley...

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I have these and they easy and quick. I would not use for long term tie ups but for quick trips to unfamiliar docks They are perfect. They are a must have if your like me and not very good at knot tying.


These are definitely the stronger & easier to use version. Typically always with the Radar logos. The other ones like these are junk. They have a hog ring at the end that will pull out of the bungee core easily.

I have 4 of them & use them when I tie up to friend's boats or docks, camping, etc. I have mooring lines in my own slip for long term use. And a couple of extra mooring ropes that rarely ever get used.

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It is just for short term. What about the Malibu ones ?

I alrdeay have ropes and have no problem with knot. So I'm just trying to know if it worth to spend around 50-60$ for bungees or better to continue use me standard ropes

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I haven't had any luck with this type of dock tie. The bungie inside the nylon sleeve is held in place at the knot with a hog ring. One good sized wave & the end of the bungie breaks breaks off the ring. It doesn't fail completely because the sleeve is still in tact but there is no stretch left in it.

I've had the other type for years with not one failure. One even got partially melted on something (exhaust manifold?) and still works fine.

I use these over a rope because of the stretch. Its easier on the cleats when the waves are tossing the boat around.

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Are somebody using bungee dockline ? Does it worth to buy two, instead of simple rope ?

Seems like you have your answers, but I wanted to comment and say that I love the colors on your boat in your logo

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Seems like you have your answers, but I wanted to comment and say that I love the colors on your boat in your logo

Thanks JB, that will be me new toy for 2016. Just ordered it around 2-3 weeks ago. Can't wait for next spring !!

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