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Question about freezing temps


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Hey guys,

I need some peace of mind here. Went up to the lake last week to drain my boat which is still on the lift. The block plug rounded off and I didn't have the stuff with me to get it out!!!!! Wife and I are headed to the USVI's this evening and won't be back until next week.

The boat is sitting on the lift covered about 2 feet above the water level. Water Temp is currently 60.

Forecast around here for this weekend is:

Sunday High 50 Low 26

Monday High 49 Low 28

My thoughts are the water temp will keep the surface level warm enough that I don't have to worry.

What say the crew, do you guys think I will be ok not draining it???????

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Low of 26 after highs about 50 = no worries. The cover will help as will the water temp. If you're going to make a trip to the boat then drop it just into the water if you're sure there will be no issues with waves - or put a 75 watt work light under the engine if you have 110V at the dock. I would be more worried about the boat getting bounced around the lift than with freeze issues. If you're not going to make a trip then don't worry. I've left boats overnight (for a couple days) with lows in the lower 20's and highs in the 40's with no issues. Not that I recommend that as standard practice...

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Thanks guys!!!!! I have been stressing all day even though my common sense tells me I would be fine. Just needed a little crew peace of mind. Now it's off to sunshine, palm trees and blue water for a few days!!!!!!

As for letting the boat down, I can't get up there and back in time to make a flight!!! And none of my trustworthy neighbors are around up there. Plus I would be worried about it sitting in the water for a few days!!

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enjoy your vacation! a cup of water probably wouldn't even freeze solid in those temps.. 1st to go would be a heater if you have one, but I'm assuming you don't since it wasn't mentioned.

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Your boat and engine will retain a lot of the daytime heat. Being on the water, warmth will radiate off the lake. It may get cold but not long enough for the block to feel it.

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someone on here posted a few weeks ago the amount of time it takes when temps get to certain degrees for things to freeze. Although, it may have had to do with a light bulb in the bilge. I just looked and could not find it.

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NCVride - hope you had a nice flight yesterday. Enjoy the vacation - Which of the islands you heading to? I grew up on St. Croix but always enjoyed the beaches and tranquility of St. John much better.

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Hey blackmxz,

Sitting here right now high on a mountain overlooking Coral Bay. Wonderful. Drinking a cold one. 78 and a nice breeze with a storm blowing in. Not jealous of anyone in the states right now!!!!!!! Actually passed a Moomba under a cover off of centerline road on STJ today. Was amazed.

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