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Screen cracked maybe?

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Do you think this is a crack in the screen? I have pushed on the screen but screen is pretty stuff unlike when you push and broken computer screen. And NO it is not a glare there is something up with the screen


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Is it recent? Or has it always been there? It looks a bit like I'd expect if a piece of the anti-glare film and such they put on marinized LCD screens under the glass were torn. Hard to imagine it'd make it past QA though.

Have you been out in the rain a lot with that screen?

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It really is not that noticeable when the screen has a color background and never in rain if so it would be covered. And not sure how long its been there just was really messing around with chartplotter to notice it. Its going down for winterize so ill see what the dealer says. But yes it looks exactly what you descried as the anti glare film hmmm

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I have seen something similar on a new LCD TV once. The LCD had a ripple in it behind the glass. Its hard to tell from that picture but when you look at it does is have a 3D effect at that spot like the pixels are further away?

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If there's any "touch" buttons on the screen up around there, then try pressing them around that artifact to see if there's any difference in responsiveness.

There's so many layers in a modern industrial touch LCD it's a bit silly. Still way cool. The backlight is working. The TFT is working. A crack in any of the multiple layers of glass would be pretty visible all the time. The pixels all going sad right there is a bit out of character to say the least. Usually it'd be one pixel or a whole line of em. A good panel is going to have clear optical adhesive bonding the layers of glass. That doesn't look like a bubble or gap in the adhesive, but it doesn't mean it couldn't be. The polarizers and anti-glare films that are likely used though could easily show up as something like that if there was rip or a chunk of backing plastic (or a thin remnant of some) on them.

If the touch panel is still taking inputs around that area or there's no buttons around that area so it's not a problem, then it's going to keep working just fine like a new one. Ask the dealer for some new hats and T-Shirts, maybe some guide rail bumpers and call it a day.

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