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General Warning #1 Alarm

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Hi all,

I have an irritating alarm hoping anyone can help. Boat is a 2004 Wakesetter VLX with a 340 monsoon and MEFI 4.

Has been an intermittent alarm but now constant. With the boat on trailer the alarm will sound about 5 seconds after start up. Connect a scan tool and get "general warning #1 telltale indicator has been activated". The diagnostic manual is saying general warning #1 relates to transmission temp. Seems like a circuit or sensor given boat is in neutral on trailer and I am getting the trans temp alarm.

Trans has both temp and pressure sensors. First of all, can anyone tell me if these are just a switch and if they switch open or switch close to activate an alarm?

I disconnected the temp sensor cables to open circuit and ran the boat, still alarms. Bridged the temp sensor cables and still alarms. Tested circuit voltage and there is 12V for temp sensor.

Pressure switch circuit also has 12V, bridged the circuit and still alarming. I haven't tested this one in open circuit just yet.

Has anyone come across anything else that this general warning #1 alarm is used for? Or can anyone think of something else with these trans circuits?

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Look down by your oil filter and see how many sending units you see. I forget what year they changed over to a single sending unit with a multi wire connector. But I know for sure as late as 2003 they still had two sending units coming off of a brass manifold. One (the larger one) is a pressure sending unit which sends the signal to the ECM which sends the signal to the gauge. The smaller one which is called an oil pressure switch is notorious for setting off alarms. To test this, assuming you have two units near the oil filter, run the boat and set off the alarm. Disconnect the brown wire from the small sending unit (switch). The alarm should turn off in about ten seconds. If it does then replace the switch.

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At work bu from memory there is a T-piece with 2 sensors from same port. One is a diaphram style so assuming that would be the gauge, cant remember what the other is. Will give it a go this afternoon.

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Believe it is the engine oil pressure switch causing the alarm. I disconnected and alarm went away. Had a mech gauge on not too long ago so oil pressure is actually ok.

While investigating alarm I noticed that the trans oil pressure circuit is unresponsive, not alarming with both open or bridged circuit.

Trans temp sensor circuit will alarm when bridged and wont alarm when open circuit, so that seems fine.

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