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What year 23 LSV to buy 09-12?

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This seems to be my price range. What year has the must haves as far as ballast, tower, engine. Example, I don't want to buy a 2012, if everyone I want is on a 2010 or 2011 model. Thanks

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2010 brought G3 tower and optional snap in carpet (good) but mux switches on the dash (not a fan).

2011 brought MTC (screen on the lower right) that replaced the mux switches.

2012 brought 1" ballast hoses (quicker fill/drain times) and backup key start.

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Go as new as you can afford. I just wanted to toss the 2008 year into the mix since you were starting at 2009 and it's basically the same boat.

I would love a surf gate boat for the ease of switching sides for different riders but that's going to have to wait a bit.

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Don't rule out the VLX, mine is a 2010 with the G3 tower and snap in carpet. It is rated for 10 or 11, but 6-7 people is comfortable. Coming from my '01 VLX, it feels way bigger and the surf wave is nice with factory ballast (front, center, rear surf side) plus 750 rear surf side and a 400 lb in bow surf side. If I want a really big wave then I just add one more 400 lb sac on top of the rear seats on the surf side, but rarely do that.

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If you are looking at a 2012 LSV aim for a later production model. The early models did not have Hi-Flo ballasts.

Other advantages of the 2012, backup key starter. This is an important feature, as the MTC screens were still new at this point.

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I say go for the right boat. When I was looking, finding a well taken care of boat with the right engine and right gel trumped the 2010-2012 debate for me.

I was in the same spot cause I wanted a G3 tower.

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There have been a few random MTC failures reported and they all seem to be on '11s. Dunno if that's because they are older or whether there was a running change on the MTC afterwards. Either way something to keep in mind as the replacement is $1500 +/-

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