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Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Sound Bar


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I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these sound bars for use in my Polaris RZR. Anyone here have first hand experience with them? Looks like Earmark Audio has a TMC discount too! :werule:

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Definitely check in with Odin at Earmark Marine. He also offers progressive discounts for zone and system packages.

Earmark has several Polaris systems on their Facebook and Odin personally owns a Polaris that is loaded with audio. So he knows that category very well.

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Yep, close buddy just put one in his bass boat. Very compact solid, sturdy piece of gear. But do not think its going to be like a Bose Wave Radio level sound quality or depth/balance of sound. You can only do so much with 3" speakers, but for that application, in a RZR, amp included and ruggedized all weather... its a good fit. It'll be good for low and moderate volumes... medium to high volumes for any decent duration, I think I'd get weary of the lack of warmth and balance quickly.

Any chance of doing a pair of coaxes? perhaps JL 7.7 or 8.8s, tower speakers and an amp? more cost and complicated..... but as you back up to a bonfire and wanna play music and drink a beer, it'd sound much better if you have the space and budget to support it.

At a minimum.... demo one to ensure you are happy with the sound quality.

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Install it with a sub of about any sort and you'll enjoy it. We sell them as well, and I have one sitting on the shelf behind me at the counter that I stream spotify to via bluetooth from the computer. Due to the room size it's not great by itself, but when I feed the powered sub under the counter using the Aux out from it, than it sounds good. If you want to stay compact without custom housings, the Steath is a good option, but I'd look for space for at least the 6.5" sub's. (ss-65 sub)


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Thanks for the input guys. My original plan was to do some tower -type speakers with one of those little amps you can plug a phone/ipod into and call it good. Then I saw this bar and was interested. Simple, rugged, compact. I have one on order, and I'm awaiting it arrival. I'm not looking for something that is going to be as loud as an all out boat system, just something that I can hear while ripping around the trails, so I am thinking this bar will be plenty for me. On down the road, I'll add a sub. There is a company out there that makes an enclosure that tucks behind the seats and fits a 10" sub, so it will be out of the way, and not interfere with the driver and passenger.


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