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Color scheme VLX 22 - 2016

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In the process of maybe ordering a new 2016 VLX, I need your help in order to find the best color scheme for the new boat (in case I move ahead).

Only requirements are :

1) NO RED - as my wife doesn't want another boat with red... Makes me a bit sad, but as we know "happy wife, happy life" :biggrin: ,

2) No metal flake

So I'm probably more around those colors : Black, blue (dark blue or vapor blue), moonbeam (or white). But who knows, you can probably surprise me with others colors and combo.

Here you go different color schemes I did :





Two comments :

- Dark blue is really nice, but I'm worry. Is it not too dark with the black ? what do you think ?

- Vapor blue seems to be nicer with black than dark blue, but is the color not too light for the inside accent ?

Thanks in advance for your help, and I looking forward to your answer :)

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That second one is awesome! I love vapor blue on our boat. We don't have it in the interior but my friend does on his LSV and it looks great. I think the main colors in his are white and moonbeam. With light graphite, black and vapor blue as accents. Looks great I'll see if I can find a picture.

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Personally I prefer the last one of the four - and on that one if it were me I would ditch the black and make those of cents the same blue . Then go the white tower.

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One of those looks a lot like the 2014 I had. This might help you visualize it a little better. Vapor blue is definitely better looking against black in my opinion. You can see on the 2015 I dropped the white.



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I have similar tastes. My Axis was solid Dark Blue, but all the trim and tower and stuff was black, so it looked good with that contrast, which is more than you realize. For the 'Bu, I added white - the reason being that invariably, you'll get small mars and scratches and stuff in the gelcoat, and the darker the color, the more it will show. So I kep the fiberglass that I thought would be most susceptible to being scratched white - interior and the back, at least to a degree. Here's my screen shot of the scheme I ultimately went with. Another option you might think about is the dark grey they have with the dark blue. Someone posted something about skipping the crazies and waxing their boat, and theirs was that combo, which was very sharp. As much as I love vapor blue, I try to stay away from trendier colors, so the boat won't look dated in 10 years.


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white interior looks great when its clean but is a pain to keep clean. hated it!

I agree, but the other colors got too hot for our family. I have a 4yr old and a 6 yr old and didn't want burned legs and hands. I enjoy keeping her clean anyway.

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White is nice, but it's a pain in the a$$ to keep clean. It is why I'm looking toward moonbeam.

The interior will probably be :

Interior main : light graphite

Interior base : moonbeam

Interior accent 1 : blue

Interior accent 2 : ebony

Cushion panel : ebony

Cushion bread : blue

Dash accent : blue

Fiberglass floor : moonbeam

something like this :


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As much as I love vapor blue, I try to stay away from trendier colors, so the boat won't look dated in 10 years.

It is the reason why I'm hesitant with Vapor Blue, and I don't want metal flake ;-)

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Which color combo does your wife prefer?

She's like me, a bit lost with all the possibilities we have :-( and it is why we are taking advice from you guys :thumbup:

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I have white and moonbeam both, and I must say on a hot day, no one stands on the moonbeam very long - it's probably 5-10 degrees hotter to touch than white. I agree keeping white clean is tougher, but I'd rather have happy passengers and a little more work for me.

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It is the reason why I'm hesitant with Vapor Blue, and I don't want metal flake ;-)

The metal flake is MUCH less prominent than I had expected. It is more like metallic, but there is a little more color in it. Here is the actual boat (on the day I took delivery.....hence the mess)


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Hull main is charcoal ? And hull accent is white or moonbeam ?

Here is the break down.

Deck Accent: Dark Blue

Deck Base: White

Deck Floor: White

Deck Main: White

Hull Accent: Dark Blue

Hull Accent 2: White

Hull Base: Dark Blue

Hull Main: Charcoal

Surf Gate: Dark Blue

Swim Step: Dark Blue

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And the inside ?

21278900275_07c700f43a_z.jpg2016 Malibu Boats Wakesetter 23 LSV by Mason Obray, on Flickr

Carpet: Sterling (Gator Step soon)

Cushion Bead: Dark Blue

Cushion Panel: Dark Blue

Dash Accent: Black

Dash Main: Black

Interior Accent 1: Dark Blue

Interior Accent 2: Moonbeam

Interior Base: Moonbeam

Interior Main: White

Thread Color: Dark Blue

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