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need some help


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ok so yesterday i hooked up the 2004 malibu wake setter and head to the lake. Stopped and filled her up. so i launch her and we head out. my son wakeboarded for about 30 minute and then we headed to the favorite swimming hole. about 10 minute into the ride the engine lost power. it was like you put your hand over the breather. just bogged down. i let it idle for a few seconds and away we went. it ran fine for about 5 minutes then the same thing. i did the same thing and made it ti the swimming hole we hung out for about a 1 hour then headed out. ran fine for about 30 minute and did it again. what do y'all think. I'm going to change the fuel filter today and thought about adding stabil. and even a air filter.

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ok i changed the fuel filter and added fuel additive to pull any water out of the fuel.i even cleaned a re oiled the air filter. took it out today to try and run all the gas out after 30 minutes of running the boat it thought to myself well that got it....... but no it started doing it again. so i would let it set for like 15 minutes. then it would run fine for another 15 minutes or so....... I've checked all builds the make sure it wasn't going into safety mode. i repeated this run it till it started acting up then we would swim and just chill and let it cool off 5 times. its like something is heating up and causing this. because after it sets for 10 or 15 minutes it will run fine for 15 or 20 minutes. good oil pressure. its not running hot it stays around 160 degrees. so I'm lost. is the fuel pump over heating or something?

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Sunscape fan i thought about that on my way home from the lake today. I'm going to climb in there tomorrow after work and check into it.

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Sounds like vapor lock to me. When mine does it I can pour a bottle of water on the fuel pump and it will fire right up and run fine.

I tried insulating the fuel lines a few years ago but it still does it on hot days. I can usually avoid the issue by running the blower full time.

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