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'06 HH runs but throws codes. Can't find fault. ECM?

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Short story:

Getting DTC 66017 which is "fuel pump relay circuit" constantly. Boat starts and runs fine so fuel pump operates. A MEFI 6 manual from Indmar seems to indicate that it could be bad ECM. Anyone had to replace ECM with this code?

Long story:

I have MEFI 5 ECM. Earlier in season would throw occasional unknown code but ran fine. The unknown code then became much more common and would go into limp mode like it was out of gas. Replaced fuel filter......no help.

Replaced both batteries since they were known to be at end of life(they are the original ones-how is that for battery care)......no help.

Since boat still ran decent (as long as you were under 2K rpms) and was doing lake test went a mile away to have a beer. NOW no start. Fuel pump does not spool up at key on. GREAT, I just need a new fuel pump! Replaced fuel pump, but at initial test it did not spool up upon key on. Swapped relays and it immediately spooled up on key on. Took to lake and now the code comes immediately upon startup and doesn't go away. If you let it idle the code keeps coming. Haven't taken it off trailer.

Called in the code reader friend and find code 66017 and a code for under voltage at each injector. Erased all codes. 66017 comes back upon startup. Boat still starts and idles fine. I have checked the continuity of the relay signal wire to the ECM but failed to check the ground. I've been told that there is a second fuel pump connection in the harness but have not tried it yet. Boat is 250 miles away and Labor Day weekend is fast approaching? ? ? I have emailed Indmar with no reponse.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Problem solved:

Checked all circuits…..AOK.

Pump continued to run upon key on.

Grabbed positive fuel pump connection and it came off in my hand….Wire to eyelet connection had failed. Crimped new eyelet on and no codes.

WARNING: The exhaust manifold drain hoses run very close to the fuel pump electrical connections and may be a source of wire failure. My fuel pump connections now face the block and are hopefully better protected.

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How where you able to read the codes?

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