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Getting ready for a Sub


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I need a little help. I have a 2013 VLX and am getting ready to build a sub box for my Exile 12" sub which am am planning to put in the kick panel area.


  1. How did you navigate the steering control cable, it seems to be in the way :)
  2. what size box did you use in cubic feet?
  3. any pictures or dimensions from a similar build would be much appreciated.



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This fit my exile 12, and in my kick panel area , i made a small tapered cut on the backside of the box to fit the contour of the floor. i used caulking to seal the inside corners and the terminal pocket area, sprayed the cut section with a spray can of bedliner from home depot $9

I Coppied FMAN'S thread here http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53209-22-vlx-stereo-install-newbie/?p=804363

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+1 for Qbomb, for the price it's a pretty nice box and seems to fit well behind the kick plate. It's also the exact spec the Exile xi 12" sub calls for a sealed box and imo it sounds great. I did add some 1" rubber spacers to elevate off the ground just incase I took some water under the helm floor area it would dry out.

There are a few other guys on the forum who have also used the qbomb, maybe they can chime in how it's been working and how they like the sound quality.

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Going to give the QBOMB a try as a way to keep the boat on the water and then evaluate if I want to build something different in the offseason.

How did you guys deal with the steering cable? Mine comes of the right side of the column bar and then runs back left into the hole in the floor and doesn't really give you a lot of room. Can the dealer add a longer steering cable to help with clearance to be able to push the cable forward in the boat to give more room?

Thanks guys for the feedback

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How did you guys deal with the steering cable?

This is where a custom enclosure comes into play. It allows you to incorporate the cable, ballast hose and heater, into the design. In the case of a pre-made enclosure, you may have to bring the enclosure and facade out toward the captain's chair in order to clear the cable.

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Here is the sub installed with the kick panel hole cut. I was running the box just behind the panel facing the side hull. It fit easily back there, but it rattled my dash quite a bit so i opted to secure it to the floor (up on plastic feet) and in the kick panel. It sounds better and a lot less rattles.]

i moved the kick panel forward less than an inch, and there is still a gap between the panel and the snap out carpet.


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