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adjustable rudder tab


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since i've adjusted my rudder tab to load it more, the tab wont stay tightend. it gets moved all the way to the left which is fine on the course ( just a little excesssive ), but on open water its way too much. ive cranked down on the allen screw but im afraid anymore sill strip it out..

any ideas??

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I haven't seen how the set screw works, but could you install a longer screw and use a "jam" nut or maybe some green Lock-tite - don't use the red, if you ever want to adjust it again.

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thats a good idea. how tioght does the green get. i like to neutralize the rudder on public lakes.. and load it at the ski lake..

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is it coming loose because the set screw backed off... or just because the set screw isn't holding the adjustment tab firm enough.

The lock-tite will only keep the set screw from backing off..

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actaully i dont know. if its the screww not holding the tab tight enough am i " screwd "

Call the factory or the service center. The "rod" that the trim tab bolt's to is loose. Might need a new rudder. At least thats what happened to me. :)

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Rod - There are 2 sets of set screws. If you loosen the ones that you can see, then turn the tab all the way to one side. There are 2 screws that hold the tab on the shaft. Tighten those and then set your tab.


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Rod - no problems. Skisix said that your wake was a little hard when he skied behind your boat. Get an un-repaired ACME 515(the dealer should let you try one) or try the one that Galaxy Toad likes. I bet it will make a big differance... Your boat deserves to be as good as it can be. Why wont TMC let me on there site?????


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ok, but what do you mean by unrepaired? brand new i suppose....

i dont know whats going on at tmc, somehow im still allowed...

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