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Hours Per Season


Hours on the Boat  

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  1. 1. How many hours do put on your boat per season?

    • 10-20 - yeah, i've got a boat (in my garage)
    • 21-30 - a few weekends here and there
    • 31-40 - only when glassy
    • 41-50 - season is too short where i live
    • 51-70 - wish the lake was closer
    • 71-90 - every other weekend
    • 91-120 - my wife (or husband) constantly begs to go to lake
    • 121-150 - every other day - (i have a "flexible" work schedule)
    • 151-200 - I live at the lake, it's great
    • 200+ I'm pro, whad'ya think?
  2. 2. Do you turn off the engine every chance possible to reduce hours?

    • Yes - definitely!
    • Most of the time
    • If it looks like I'll be starting 'er up again in a minute, I just leave it on
    • Keep it running most of time time to reduce wear on the starter

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Just curious as to the number of hours people put on their boats each season.

Also, curious as to how often people turn of the engine and start it up again vs letting a minute or three go by if you know you'll be starting it up again.

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The wife and I go every weekend, but with no kid any longer we don't put as many hours on the boat. Plus I've grown to be more careful of the exhaust fumes while the boat is idling and with the price of gas why let it idle anyway. ;)

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What about adding a choice regarding turning off the engine for safety/fumes.

I always turn off the engine when anyone is near the boat in the water. It's just safe boating. There are too many people that get hurt with stupid accidents.

If hours are your concern that's fine but I believe you are sweating the little stuff too much.

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Don't worry about it. It's very rare that Andy would start any type of opinion poll. . .


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I shut the motor off for safety, and so I can hear the people in the water. Even w/ the silent rider and soundproofed engine room box, I want to make sure I hear my skiier, since my hearing ain't what it use to be. I started out with an outboard and we use to climb up the motor to get in the boat, so it was shut off every time for that or if you approached your skiier to talk or exchange skis, etc. 2200 hrs on my outboard, and probally 10,000 starts(just a quess), and the motor still had its original starter when I put it out to pasture.

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2005 VLX I took delivery last may and I just turn 200hrs. thats what happens when you have the only malibu in the group of people we hang out with, they always want to go out on our boat.

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Doesn't the boat have to be above a certain RPM before the "hours" start counting? I thought at idle speed the hours did not increase.

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It does have to be above a certain RPM--300, IIRC. So if the engine is running, the hours are counting. They no longer add up with only the key on, however.

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There is a 2001 Mastercraft ProStar across the lake that's for sale. Actual hours, 26, that is in 5 years, just 26 hours. No wonder he is selling it.

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I put about 50 hours a season on my boat but the boat is in my backyard and for the most part when it is running there is someone behind it. In addition when I ski the course one of my buddies drives because he has perfect pass and mine isn't installed yet.

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I put about 50 hours a season on my boat but the boat is in my backyard and for the most part when it is running there is someone behind it. In addition when I ski the course one of my buddies drives because he has perfect pass and mine isn't installed yet.

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My baby is coming up on her 1 yr birthday (from purchase date anyway). I'll have around 100 hrs by then, so I've put more hours on than I thought I would.

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My first 'bu I bought in '97 when I was single and I put 60 hrs or so per season on it. Since I bought my LXi in 2001 I've gotten married, finished law school, passed the bar exam, built a house and had a kid...priorities shifted and we're now trying to make up for lost time!

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I will be turning it off more often this season cause gas is so high....plus stupid people take 10 minutes to put on a board Mad.gif

your mad?

with fuel at well over $4 US a gallon (i converted it) its a bit nasty. i read somewhere that to start the motor it uses about the same amount of fuel in little under 2 minutes at idle, so if we are any longer we turn off and dont turn back on until the skier is clear away and in the water... most of the time.

going to be an expencive summer :(

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Had my boat since March 31st, 2006. Have just over 91 hours as of today. I turn the motor off anytime that we are changing skiers/riders for safety reasons.

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I think dwelling on hours causes too much confusion. I have a 2002 GMC Truck with a Dura-max, it just turned over 50,000 miles. The hour meter measures 1956 hrs. I would consider this low miles.

Now take a 2002 boat with 200 hours. I would say this is below avaerage, however most newbies consider this high.

I would rather have a boat that get serviced regularly and used, versus a boat that sits and will nickle and dime you for every little malfunction. Most common, water pump impeller, dried cracked belts, dried gaskets, the list goes on.

Moral of the story:

Hours are good as long as you take care of your equipment!

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With our first boat, we averaged about 50-60 hours a year for 11 years. (averaged with 3 babies born and knee surgery)

We have put almost 70 hours on the Bu since April and still have one more vacation to go. We have been doing a lot more skiing this year and less floating since all 3 little guys (4,6 and 8) are all skiing on the trainers.

We used to leave boat run when adults change skiers, but now we have been turning off to have less fumes.

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