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2014 23LSV Maliview presets

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I'm very pleased with my 2014 23LSV which I've out 50 hours on. The presets in MLS work fine but now I want to create new ones and make adjustments and I failed the idiot test. I looked in the user manual. Here's what I want to do.

Scenario 1. Driving using Factory wakeboard beginner setting (18mph, no weight or wedge). Rider wants to speed up a bit, to say 20mph, whilst riding. I accelerate through the green control range on the Maliview (getting the over speed warning) to 20mph. I want to then hold it at 20mph and not have to keep adjusting the throttle but have it do it for me. I would guess that pressing 'cruise' would logically hold that speed.

Scenario 2. Rider at factory surf (10.4 centre and both rears, wedge and surfgate). Rider wants more. Stop, fill front tank. Take away and accelerate to 11mph which I do manually through over speed. When stationary, select save preset. It offers a picture. How do I enter text so I can name it "Goofy advanced etc". Manual says you can but idiot me cannot get it to work.


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Easiest through the gateway app. I always struggled using the system on the boat and could never figure it out.

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jb 156

scenario one, just hit the up arrow on your maliview screen. this is how you adjust the speed control in my boat up to go up, down to go down.

To edit a current preset in the bottom left corner of the malivue screen there should be an edit preset button, you will have to go in and change all the values like speed, wedge, even the name and be sure you hit save preset.

hope this helps.


Pg 38 of the PDF on how to edit a preset. Or 2-14 of the manual.

Page 47 of PDF or 2-23 of the manual for how to adjust speed.

I really think dealers should have like a 1 hour crash course on how to do most of these things for the boat owners. Lots of technology in these new boats. Put the owner on the water go through most things with them, have them repeat. (this is if the new owner wants it) I know I would have benefited from it and I had been on my buddies Bu before I got mine.

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the app is the simplest way to enter a new pre-set, then tweak on the fly and save existing preset

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