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First Malibu, first post, first question

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Hello Folks -

New forum user here. First post. And, my first Malibu! Not new to boating and boat ownership, but WOW has this been an upgrade like no other.

I've moved up from a 2011 Stingray 185LS runabout. Great starter boat, and it got my family and I into the swing of lake life.

Alas, it was time to step it up about 4 notches. :)

I got a STEAL on a 2014 22 MXZ dealer demo boat with only 15 hours. I think I may have executed the best upgrade methodology and skipped a few "in-between" boat buys before getting here to the Malibu level. New-to-me, new warranties (never been titled, etc), plus the dealership got to take all the depreciation for me. Yes! :biggrin:

Anyway, first things first. I've been trolling here for the last month and I know I must post a picture, so here it is.


Now, on to my question. So, I inquired with my dealer about getting some touchup paint for the Boatmate trailer that way I can touch up chips and whatnot as they occur. The trailer is painted in the same Charcoal color as the primary/dark color on the hull. Needless to say, I was a little surprised when he told me the aerosol can of touchup paint would be $65! Yikes! Said something about custom made to order, hazmat shipping, blah, blah, blah.

Is there another source for the Malibu Charcoal color that is used to spray these Boatmate trailers with? This is just automobile paint, after all, no? Can I get the color someplace else?

Thank you in advance for any insight.


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Any auto paint store will be able mix you up a color to match. You might want to try and see how close you get with the off the shelf touch up bottles.as the little brush touch up might be easier than an aerosol for rock chips. Look into getting some stone/rock guards for your tow rig and even some 3M film to put on the areas that are exposed to rocks (front of trailer and fenders)

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Call boatmate. They will give you a Dupont color formula that can be taken to anywhere that sells Dupont paint and they can mix it up for you. Some can even put it in a spray can for you. If not just grab a pint of paint and touch it up with a small artist style paintbrush and you can wet sand it out. There's a lot of good info on the interwebs about how to do this.

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Custom mix aerosol cans of touch-up paint are not cheap, so $65 sounds good to me if the aerosol route is the one you want.

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Nice looking boat! My Boatmate came with a little jar of touch up paint. Not aerosol, just a litlle bottle like you would use for painting model airplanes or something.

Call Boatmate first. If they can't get you a jar for a reasonable price then I really wouldn't worry about it much. If they can't, since your trailer is charcoal, just buy a sharpie and color in anything that bugs you...it's the trailer, after all...no one other than you will notice.

Welcome to the site.

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+1 on top of however many said the auto paint place. They can match it and mix it up, and most can put it in an aerosol can for you.

$65 is ridiculous... I think they charge that much so they don't have to deal with it. lol

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This place could probably also mix the formula from Boatmate. Worth a call at $20 a can.


I've used them before on a car I was selling and needed to touch up the front lip.

As far as random stuff in a can - it got two thumbs up from me. It was better than the duplicolor stuff at Autozone by a mile.

Sprayed the color, did a clear, wetsand, cutting polish and finishing polish... looked really, really dang close. No one could believe it was out of spray cans (including myself.)

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Boatmate will send you one for free. I got a free spray can of touch up for mine after getting several chips from trailering. Boatmate has awesome service. No need to even call them. Just go to there website, http://www.boatmateparts.com/warranty_claim.php. Register your boat. Start a warranty claim by describing your issue and upload a photo. There is a box that asks what you would like as a solution. Just say a can of charcoal touch up paint. That easy. They will send it to you no questions asked. I've had a trailer jack replaced, back up solenoid replaced and even a ratchet strap replaced on my 2013 Boatmate trailer. They never once questioned it. I submitted online each time, and a day or so later I got a tracking number emailed to me.

Oh, and welcome to the Crew. You will be spending a lot of time here. It's addicting.... And expensive

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Jester, excellent intro and that is a sweet boat. Youi will love the MXZ.

I think you already got touch up paint advice. So more pics, and what else can we help spend huge money on?

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Thank you to everyone who's replied so far! Very helpful details, and I think I can find a solution from one of the suggested routes.

A personal shoutout to my good friend, Malibu owner, and poster here on TMC - Mr. Brent Wall.

I have Brent to thank for both for his assistance in helping negotiate this Malibu boat purchase. Plus, I have him to thank for helping me spend my money, not once, but in fact twice. Brent got me to spend the first $18K on the Stingray.

So, Brent, thanks buddy for helping me spend the most money ever, short of my house! :biggrin:

If anyone needs a good pal to help you part with lots of cash, Brent's the man.

To JasonK - I'm in Raleigh, NC. We boat mainly on Falls Lake, on occasion we pull down to Jordan Lake.

Lots of fun to be had this summer. Bought my first surf board for the kids.

Thanks for all the boat compliments! It's a bit tough to tell in the picture I posted, but the orange is the Hot Orange Metallic. Man does it shine on a bright summer day! It's an amazing color, really.

Looking for suggestions on what else to buy for the boat. PTM Edge 140 Pro mirror is probably next big buy for me.



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Welcome to the Crew. Not to worry about anything here. We are truly overgrown children with expensive toys and always ready to help other Crew children spend their money on more boat toys. SO what do you need? Skis, boards, F150, ropes....

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Looking for suggestions on what else to buy for the boat. PTM Edge 140 Pro mirror is probably next big buy for me.



We can help with that. What options does the boat have already?


Hot Shower

Underwater LEDs

In boat LEDs

Stereo System(Always room to upgrade)

Seat base booster

Upper Surf Racks

More ballast

Nicerack G3 Tower Mirror Arm

Surfin USA [emoji570][emoji475]

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My tow rig has the 3.0 super-charged gas engine. 333 ponies. But, I've driven the Q7 with the TDI and it's a great pulling truck. My gas SC engine pulls great as well though, I've not had any issues w/ the larger Malibu.

But, it's a 2012 Q7 S-line Prestige. Here's a wider shot. :)

6,600 pounds tow rated, 660 on the tongue.

I highly recommend the Audi Q7, it's a fine truck! It looks so dang small compared to the boat though! :lol:


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Options listing ...

A heater might be nice, for those early and late season trips out on the lake. :biggrin:


Got all the essentials, I think. Ropes, Ronix wake boards, just picked up an Inland Surfer Tako surf board, etc, etc.

My good pal Brent has been super about spending all my money. Haha. I guess, heck, I can't take it with me when I'm gone.

I'm betting there are other fine folks out here on TMC who can help me part with some money, so I'm taking ideas for my wish-list.



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