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First post and looking to get in a Malibu (found '08 23 LSV)...

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I didn't see an introduction area on the site, so I guess I'll throw up my first post here. I joined quite a while ago, but this is my first time posting. The wife and I are currently looking at buying a wakeboarding boat before summer kicks in full swing, and we've narrowed it down to a '09 Super Air Nautique 230 Team Edition and a '08 Malibu 23 LSV. The Malibu is this one.

I've looked at the boat values on NADA and BucValu and it seems high, especially considering the hours. Anyone care to chime in on the price? What would be a fair price? Now I'm sure 425 hours isn't bad considering it is a 7 year old boat, but I'm seeing a lot of boats this old with only a couple hundred hours going for about the same or less in price (Malibu and other brands).

Looking forward to posting more if we decide to pick up a Malibu. Thanks in advance for any insight in to pricing or what to look for around this model year boat from Malibu.

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I wouldn't worry about the hours. 425 hours is still on the low side. I am skeptical of boats with too few hours because it makes me think it wasn't loved. That being said they can be found for cheaper but they usually are gone pretty quick. Try to talk em down some and go for it. It does have a lot on the tower that would cost you a good bit of money to add. Somewhere around 50k give or take 5k with options and condition is where I would see it sell around here.

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Welcome! I can give you a somewhat local comp since we bought our 2008 23 LSV with 125 hours in early October for $50K in the Portland area. It took about a month to get the seller down from his $55k asking price and I was a little worried about the low hours. However, it was obvious from the condition of the boat, his records and general attention to detail of his property and all his other equipment that he babies everything. We had it checked out too, and it checked out fine and has run perfectly in the 8 hours we've put on it since October.

Talking the guys in the shop at Active while checking it out, they say these engines aren't fully broken in until 300 or so hours anyway, so 425 isn't high. Our also has the smaller 5.7L engine but that doesn't seem to have a significant resale price impact in this 2008-2009 era of pre-surf gate LSV. There aren't many pics in the listing you linked but some of the basic options like stock bow tank and multiple swivel board racks are similar. Hope this helps.

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Thanks guys for the replies and input.

Yeah, I'm seeing $38,600 to $42,800 on BucValu and NADA is showing $43,000 to $48,600. But, the NADA is pricing it with trailer.

I'm not too worried about the hours. The owner claims all scheduled and seasonal maintenance has been performed at a local Malibu authorized dealer and they have detailed service records. I just need to verify and ensure nothing big pops up regarding repairs or service.

I'm going to look at it Friday, anything in particular I need to look for or ask about?

If you Google 2008 Malibu 23 LSV, this boat pops up all over the place. The owner claims it was one of Malibu's promotional boats for that model year. Because of that, I'm assuming it was well-optioned.

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I'll be the 1st to say that NADA isn't terribly accurate, and I wouldn't be shocked if I overpayed a bit for my 2008 too, but are you loading up all the expected options on NADA for this boat? I ran mine just now and show NADA for it at $47-$54K with trailer.

Watching listings in the western US for the last 9-10 months, I don't see well optioned 2008's stick around for very long under $50K. There's some oddball ones out there that don't move but there usually seems to be a reason for that.

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I paid about $48K for my '08 LSV last summer and it was in mint condition with a similar amount of hours on it (500ish). With that boat being optioned the way it is, I think it is a bit overpriced, but not by much.

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Well, we did some more shopping around and glad we did. Found a 2013 Malibu 23 LSV 30th Anniversary Edition with 160 hours for $69,995. Doing paperwork today and taking delivery in two weeks (dealer is taking care of some warranty items...graphics and seats). Glad we finally found a boat. We were getting tired of looking.

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Well, my wife took delivery of our new boat. I'm out of town on business, so she had to make the 750 mile round trip drive to get it on her own (Hagadone Marine in Coeur d'Alene, ID). On the way back home she had a mishap with the boat trailer...the wheel came off the trailer and shot across the road in to the river. It appears the lug nuts were not tightened by whoever swapped the wheels (previous owner took the aftermarket wheels off and installed them on his new boat trailer). She got it fixed at a Les Schwab in McCall, ID and eventually got the boat home safely. Her Expedition did the job, but we can see in the future we'll always be using my Super Duty to tow it through the mountains. It was struggling up some of the steeper sections between Coeur d'Alene and Boise.

We are very happy with the boat and were nervous since we bought it sight unseen and with very few pictures. Hagadone Marine was great to deal with and we can see why they are rated the #15 boat dealer in the country. I get home soon and we plan on taking it down to South Lake Tahoe in about a week. Here are some pics (wife isn't the best photo taker):






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