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MTC Issue

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Anyone have a problem with the bottom third of the MTC touch screen not working? Right now I can't get lights, switch, surfgate or start engine to work. It's not responding to touch. Everything else is working fine just the bottom third won't respond

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You are still covered under warranty, I would just have it replaced. Your dealer can just ship you one and swap it out yourself, it is a simple swap.

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You are still covered under warranty, I would just have it replaced. Your dealer can just ship you one and swap it out yourself, it is a simple swap.

Agreed, two screws and one wire harness plug. Don't ask why I know...

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Had the same issue down under & out of warranty.

Some $2200 USD later, the replacement solved the problem.

Get to the dealer while it is still under warranty.

Re my post


The manual key override switch under the throttle control should still start the boat.

This was an afterthought fitted from 2012, my 2011 was dead in the water with the same unresponsive screen.The central portion of mine died.

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yeah we used the key to override it or else we would have been leaving it on the trailer. Gonna be taking it to the dealer on Tuesday. Thanks

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yeah it starts and shuts down normal as long as you just turn the dash on. if you type in the code and then start it with the key you can't turn it off with the key you have to turn the power on the dash off. I could type i the code, fill ballast etc... i just couldnt use start it on the touch screen, use surf gate, or get to the lights and switches functions. Everything else worked fine.

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I have a 2012 247  lsv (130 hours) I bought off the local Nautique Dealer (it was a trade in).  Fortunately I was able to test the boat for a week before buying from the Dealer.  Everything worked great.  2 months ago I had the dealer install a heater and underwater transom lights.  Early April the sun comes out and we splash the boat.  The issues start.  Ballast fill and empty at random.   Wedge deploys without initiating. and occasionally the MTC screen is unresponsive.  Also some of the speakers are now not working.  The coincidence of the new electronics and the issues makes me think there is a direct connection.  Maybe not.  Anyone else having all these issues together with other input?

Thank you in advance.




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I don't think the transom lights and heater install would have anything to do with your glitches, those are pretty straight forward installs.  I would first start by making sure everything is secured under the helm, all harnesses, connections, fuses, etc.  Then I would get the latest software update available.  Also, make sure your batteries are fully charged, these new computer driven boats do not like low voltage, one of the reasons I always install a battery maintainer to plug in and keep them at full tilt.  Have your batteries tested to make sure they pass a load test, if they were sitting all winter not being charged this could be the problem.

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Found the issue.  a bad ground on one of the battery connections.  cleaned all the connections inside and out and it is working.  however the wedge does deploy occasionally on its own.  Possibly some Gremlins

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