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exhaust clamps

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I almost feel stupid posting this topic but what do most of you use for exhaust clamps? I just replaced my hoses but not the clamps (worm clamps). Put everything back together yesterday and fired the boat up. I have a little drip of water coming from each side of the ultra silencer ( from the manifold) to the hoses. I cranked two of them so tight at one point they broke. I put used but different worm clamps on last night and it seemed ok. Let the bilge dry up over night and just went out and fired the boat up. Very small drip from the port side.

Im wondering if I just just get SS t-bolt clamps.

Id also like to add, my new hose is 3" ID and yes my old one was as well. I almost thing the ultra silencer is slightly under 3" as the new pipe slipped on way to easy. Again this is how it was prior to my replacing the hose.

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I'm curious on the clamps too, I need to buy some. I'm just about done with my exhaust project and I have the same silencer as you. I changed exhaust manifolds to ETX ones, so now I am 3.5" inlet and 3.5" outlet from the silencer. I think the OD on the stock silencer outlets is 2 7/8".

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This is what I have currently, 2 7/8 would make sense. My leak isn't terrible, but still a leak probably shouldn't be happening. I like to shop at jamestown dis, I think I am going to order t-bolt clamps to really crank it down. I just feel like you shouldn't have to "crank" anything down.11011053_838522872869469_702959171777245

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Yea so you have the exact same silencer and exhaust sizes as I do….Are my clamps up too high or do you think I just can tighten them enough because of the 1/8 size difference. And why would they make it 2 7/8 and not just 3". haha

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@Brian: My suggestion would be to get the correct matching hose to the pipe diameter. The problem you are experiencing will not be solved by additional clamp force, the hose is buckling and forming a gap allowing the water to seep through, it is like bunching a too large pair of pants around your waist with a belt. Also, you risk the potential of cracking the fiberglass tube by overtightening the clamp. Exhaust hose does not like to be compressed very much or shrunk in diameter.

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Would two clamps still be required if you upgraded to t-BOLT?

I would recommend staying with two clamps. If a single one breaks, you can sink your boat quickly with incoming water. The second clamp is cheap insurance.

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I just went back out to the boat, loosened both sets up, staggered them but so they were close together and at the end of the hose, and no leaks, let it run for about 10 minutes think for now I will keep it as it, maybe get the up graded clamps just because they are better and safer. What can go wrong will go wrong!

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