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Flitepipe alternative


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Looking for thoughts on making these brackets to hold any standard extended pylon in the same fashion as a Flitepipe is mounted. They would attach to the standard pylon and allow a regular pylon to be inserted/mounted in front of the existing pylon. This allows the standard pylon to be used for skiing, etc, and also provides room for you to attach a boom without having to mess with removing or moving an extended pylon.

Cost is an issue unless I can find a number of people that would like to go in on a group order. Or maybe, there is someone here that has the ability to make them for us?



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You CAN attach a boom and an extended pylon at the same time, even if it is not a FlitePipe. We do it all the time with our Fly High and BI boom. the fly high comes down about 1/2 on the regular pylon. you then mount the barefoot boom below that, then using the BI height adjuster, you get the boom at the level you need.

here's a crappy picture (if you look close, you can see the boom sticking out the other side):


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When I Had my TEN Foot Pole it also had a ring on the back of it that was for skiing so you didn't have to remove the pylon to go for a ski. I don't have any pics sorry.

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I can do that with my extended pylon as well but don't like the stress it puts on the regular pylon when it is up that high. Also, with it up that high, I can't get into the dock.

And, as far as skiing off the extended pylon's hook, it causes the extended pylon to twist back and forth .... what a nasty sound even with the protective sleeve.

Basically, I want to be able to use my swivel head pylon.


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not sure what you mean by when its up that high. its at the standard height (i.e. same height as the ten foot pole or the Flite Pipe. If you have a 2 piece pylon and you want it lower, you can drill out the pin that is in the lower piece (at least you can with the fly high). the picture of mine is with the pin in, remove the pin, and it drops about 1 ft.

also, you must not have the pole tight enough, because ours doesn't budge when skiing from the ring, and I have had shortline skiers through the course on it.

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