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Impeller Question

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So it's later in the evening Sunday night and I've been conned into going out on the lake Memorial day...something I would not normally do.

My boat storage place is closed Memorial day, so I had to bring the boat home and wiggle it into the gargage for the weekend and decided to do a quick detail and check a few mechanical things.

I pulled my impeller and out of the 12 vanes normally present, all are there except 1/2 of one and 1/4 of the other. I've got a couple spares, so no big deal but I want to find the missing pieces...I've looked in the transmission cooler screen and used compressed air to blow out the hose from the impeller to the trans cooler and nothing came out.

Where else should I look for the missing vanes, and should I be concerned about this, or just put in a new one? Old impeller had roughly 35 hours on it....



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Replace the impeller, and check the intake line for the missing pieces. If not there or in the tranny cooler screen, don't worry about them, but definately use a new impeller.


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I would also check your shower too, if you have one.

When my impeller went I had pieces at the front of the tranny cooler, inside the tranny cooler, and at the shower mixer box. I didn't bother to check the heater hoses or heater core. I figured if the pieces were small enough to get through the tranny cooler then they would just flow through the heater core and out the boat.

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OR, you can "De-Con" and tell folks that you can't take the boat out until you find the missing pieces. Sit back, have a cold one, and think of all the idiots on the water that you are avoiding. :)

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OR, you can "De-Con" and tell folks that you can't take the boat out until you find the missing pieces. Sit back, have a cold one, and think of all the idiots on the water that you are avoiding. :)

The thought crossed my mind...I even took the "evidence" (the impeller with missing vanes) in to the wife and said "look at this, this is no good" to see what she'd say about possibly skipping today.

She then tested my mechanical manhood by saying "I thought you had spare parts and could fix stuff like this"

I went out and put a new impeller in, pronto. So I'm off to the circus this morning...

I didn't find any pieces, just installed a new impeller and gasket, I don't think I'll worry too much about it. Anybody know how big the smallest water passage is in the engine...are we talking tiny galleries, or large enough that a small piece of debris could pass through?

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When our impeller went out (first trip with the boat) Mad.gif We had our mechanic change it and he gave us the old one because he couldn't believe how little of it was left. The arms/spines were just little nubs not even 1/4" long Shocking.gif The guy who owned it before us liked the sound of the engine when being dryfired Crazy.gif

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Ours went out a few weeks ago. When I pulled the impeller out there was nothing but the black rubber core left ... Every single vane was blown to bits. Apparently the guy who had it before us never changed it. I pulled off pretty much every black tube around the engine to make sure they were empty. The two main ones I found the most bits in were the two that go into the water pump (one from the V-drive and one to the transmission cooler). I also found one pretty big piece jammed in the outlet from the water pump. I pulled out maybe a handful of little black bits from the tubes.

We haven't had a problem since.

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You guys need to replace your impellers with the Globe "Run Dry" blue impeller. Globe Manufacturing makes a number of products and their impeller (which I have run for 2 years) can be run "dry" for 15 minutes (I have not done that, however!). It is made out of a very tough polypropelene. I figure I now need to change out my impeller once every three years now - instead of annually - which is a real hassle in my V-drive. Cry.gif

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