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Oil change and level

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I don't know why but when I take the oil dipstick out (engine cold, boat on water) I get a reading that I am about a quart high. When I did the oil change I only added 5 quarts and the manual says 5.20 quarts . I am fairly certain that I removed all of the oil with my TEMPO prior to adding the new 5. Why would it be reading high when I am adding only 5? When I had the dealership winterize the boat the previous season they changed the oil as well and I noticed the same thing, a reading of way too much oil, I ended up taking out about a quart to bring it back down to the full mark. I do know how to read a dipstick but this leaves me wondering. Anyone have any insight?

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You didn't say, but I'm assuming you changed the filter as well? If not, that would account for your high reading.

I've gotten my boat back from servicing and had high oil as well. I don't think you can get all of the oil out, try as you may. When changing myself, I get out everything I can, change the filter, then add 4 quarts. After warming, shutting down and allowing the oil to settle, I check the level and add accordingly. Then I take the boat out and run it and repeat the check/add while on the water.

I've found the above to be the most accurate means. It seems a few degrees of angle created by trailer or boat lift makes a difference in the level on the dipstick. Oh, and the capacity in the manual is 5.5, IIRC (Monsoon).

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I always change out the filter when I change the oil. Maybe I'm not getting all the oil out, but that would mean that almost quart of oil is being left behind when the oil was changed. Maybe sucking out the oil though the oil fill rather than the dipstick will get more oil out. Next time I'll try what you suggest, add 4 then check, and then run it, check it again. I wish I had the Monsoon (I've got a Merc Tow Sports)


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