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Need help starting engine.

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We got to the ramp this morning and the engine on my buddy's '98 Supra wouldn't start up. We're looking for some ideas. I believe it's an Indmar Assault (MPI).

First shot this year it started up immediately. We then changed the plugs and inline fuel filter and it started up right away again after that. Since then he changed out the water/fuel separator and hadn't tried starting it back up again until this morning. We verified that it has spark. Turns over just fine, but just won't fire. We figured that it was potentially a fuel system issue, so we pulled the fuel return line and primed it 4 or so times and it is spitting fuel out the return line. Last thing we tried was taking off the flame arrestor and shooting some starter fluid directly into it. It fires up immediately with the starting fluid, and then dies right away without the starter fluid. We're thinking fuel system or ECM, but if it is a fuel system issue why would fuel spit out the return line?

Any ideas?



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How did you verify spark?

Does it have a lanyard?... did you check to ensure that was in place correctly?

Sounds like a frustrating trip to the boat ramp

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I'm not as frustrated as my buddy.

There is no lanyard on the boat. First thing I thought of. We verified spark by pulling the plug, putting a bolt on the plug wire and arc'd it. And it does fire for just a second with starting fluid.


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You definetley have spark. And, you think you have fuel pressure and volume. I guess the only thing to check is if the injectors are actually firing. You'd need a noid light to do this. I don't think you're gonna be able to hear them clicking over the sound of the cranking engine.

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We talked to the Supra dealer and they think it's possibly the high pressure fuel pump and the pressure just isn't high enough. THey stated that they've seen them corrode a bit over time and that could be what's going on. My buddy is going to take it in there early next week, but given the time of year and all they won't be able to get to it for a week or so.

Guess we'll just be using mine this weekend.


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