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Turtle Wax Ice

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I've seen infomercials for this new, clear, turtle wax "ice". It's $30 for a bottle of liquid wax and two spray bottles of the "quick detailer". For the first time in my life, ebay has let me down and I don't see it there.

Anyone used this? I don't think it's truely a "wax" like carnuba. They claim it's a sort of teflon-like coating and their claim to fame is that it goes on even in hot sun, can be applied to any surface including mouldings and won't leave any white cakey residue. I'm thinking a squirt of this in my ''after boating'' spray bottle of water would be just the ticket.


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I don't know Dontknow.gif ... seems crazy to me

wouldn't you be the coolest though, hosin down your boat, after fixing all your scratches with some wizzy GS27!! wooo hooo! ;)


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That scratch remover is just rubbing compound & it does work for minor scratches, but you have to follow with polishing compound, yaddah yaddah yaddah (yes, I know that you were just teasing Pete, but that stuff does work....sort of).


I've never been impressed with teflon sealers/waxes, they've just never performed for me the way a good carnuba will. That stuff makes the marine grade wax that I just bought look like a bargain.

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I read in another car owner's forum that this type of stuff gets way down deep in the paint all the way to the metal. In fact, a guy said that a friend of his works in a body shop and when they have to prep a car for paint that has this stuff in it, it's a lot harder to deal with. (for whatever reason)

I wasn't thinking about using this on the boat, I'm pretty cautious about what goes on the gel (I stick to 3M marine specific products) but, it seemed it'd be great for a quickee wax of all my other vehicles.

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Seems like I remember reading a few post on here or the old MBO about teflon products clogging the pores of the gel and causing problems? Anyone else recall this?

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