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Sending my heater kit back, am I being too picky?


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So I was excited to see the box on my door step today and was all set to install my new heater then I looked at the hot tubes that came with it. I thought that I was missing a trim plate or something, so I called heater craft and they said they were out of Generation 2 hot tubes so I could send my heater back for a refund. They said they may get the 2nd generation hot tubes in late fall.

The hot tubes I got look unfinished and very ugly (The surface is dull and has some lines in it left by the mold and edges are sharp). The wife has not seen them yet but I can guarantee she will not let me put them in.

am I being too picky or would you send it back too??

I could just see if they will let me return the hot tubes and find better ones but if I can't install the heater soon for fall riding then I would rather just do the project this winter.


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Yeah I wasn't too thrilled with how mine look but at 40% off I couldn't complain too much. I did notice the "*Hot tube in photo does not match hot tube that currently comes in kit." at the bottom but honestly they should really provide a picture because the ones they show look nice and the ones the send are pretty ghetto.

The instructions are pretty bad too because they don't even match really what comes with the kit. The instructions they really should spend some time on.
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It's that time of the year to start looking at this again. Did you ever get the new hot tubes? I'm looking at their website and it still says the tubes pictured aren't what is included with the kit.

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I noticed on Bakes that the Generation 2's are on back order so I'm not sure what's going on with the new design availablity. I personally like the Gen 2's much better and feel that it "clicks" back into the stowed position better than the old design. Had the Gen 1's on my 03' Supra SSV. Gen 2's also look better too. Concur with ryangb's opinion and that the OP isn't being too picky...

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They are still only shipping the gen1s. They are also saying they can't do the gen2s. However, if you plead with them, and promise to name your first born after them, heatercraft can magically get you a gen2 hot tube or two. I was able to get 4 of them just a few weeks ago.

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Just ordered a 2nd generation pull out Hot-tube from Skidim (wanted 3 pull-out tubes for my install) at ~$15 less than I could get it at Bakes. May be worth investigating for others who are interested. Again, thanks SD.

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I am still waiting on my Gen 2 Tubes. Heatercraft said they should have them any day now. The delay at heatercraft was that they were stuck/lost at port and they had to re-order. Hopefully I will have them soon the ice is gone in my neck of the woods.

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Are you still waiting on your gen 2's? I placed an order a couple weeks ago and they're saying now the gen 2 tubes that came in weren't right and they're not shipping them. By the time I get me heater it will be mid-summer and I won't need it any more.

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I noticed a rip in my gen2 tube when I picked up my boat in September. Told them they could just send me a replacement before this spring. Still waiting. This is ridiculous.

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You're not being picky. I wouldn't install those old tubes in my boat, they look terrible. The new ones are on the right track. Don't picture one thing for sale and ship another. Bravo to Heatercraft for making it right.

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