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Ronix wakeboards


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Was wondering if anyone has any issues with ronix wakeboards or any other wake brands? I have a 2011 viva atr that cracked under the binding along the whole width. I have ridden for a while and never heard of a break like that. Contacted ronix and after about a month they finally said they would give 30% off towards a 2015 board. Our tax up here in vancouver is 14 percent. So really not much of a deal. Anyone else have any issues with other brands and did theanufacturer do anything to help you out?

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Have had 2 liquid force break during the first year and they replaced no questions asked. Had to return broken board to original vendor (one to a local shop, the other back to Evo) in order to get exchange/replacement. Same thing on a pair of LF bindings that split on the third ride. Replaced without question. Had to cut the tongues out and send pictures to Evo. Again replaced without question. Might be a defect so I would push for better, but in all reality, 30% off a new for a board that is three years old, IMHO, is pretty good. Best of luck with it! Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction!

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My all white Ronix wakeboard has yellowed a bit. However, my bigger issue is bindings. I have had two Ronix One bindings that have been complete s..t. I was told by my local shop that sells quite a bit in store plus is BuyWake.com that Ronix would offer some support. So, they handled the return. Ronix sent the bindings back with no offer, nothing but a "denied".

I believe their binding construction quality is crap and will never buy again.

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Yea under their warranty still t a. Just a weird spot to break. The amount that they are charging for boards is insane. I understand r and d costs a bit but common it's foam and fibreglass. 600 bucks on a deck every 2 to 3 years in is crazy in my opinion.

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Any brand will break. Well, any foam core board will break, wood core have their own issues. I have broken many, in the same place as you. If they don't break, they will get soft and loose pop. If you are going to ride hard, expect to get a new deck every year, or sooner.

Also, no reason to pay full retail, $600. Make friends with your local shop, or buy last years online.

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Foam and glass have their flaws, no matter the brand. I have been on intellicore from Ronix for the last two years, and I'm pretty sure you could run it over with a truck and it wouldn't break.

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We have had multiple Ronix boards with no issues. My son rode the Ronix one for three seasons, even on a cable this year and no issues. I just picked up the parks Modello for him for his birthday next month. Would recommend any of there boards, they also have good customer service. I had a surfboard delaminate last year and they sent me a brand new board.

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The only problem with my ronix parks air core is learning how to ride the dang thing!!!! It's SO SO different than my Hooke was! But I think/hope I will eventually love it.<br /><br /><br />Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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