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Transom lights no drill


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Probably find an inconspicuous way to hide it underneath rub rail or through the rear vent. I wouldn't be against adding a mounting bolt for the swim step and hollowing it out for a pass through

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If you are selling it that soon, why not just wait and do the lights on your next boat.

I've been watching a few of your posts and they have been quite frankly snarky. Buzz off bird.

I thought it was a legitimate question...

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mostly because it's an old boat and I want to sell it next season I think. If I drop 2 to 400 in lights in the back, I want to keep them!

If thats the case, I would consider holding off on the lights, for the next boat. or, get a pair of cheap lights and let them go with the boat, Option 3, remove the quality lights and have a glass guy patch over the holes. No one would ever know unless it was pointed out.

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I have one of these and it works great. NExt go around I'd get the 2 head model though.


Much cheaper for much better output than the others out there. The build construction was good and easy to hook into an existing line, or run new to the battery if you want. It's bright enough that we use it to bowfish at night off the swim platform.

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Thoes Diablo lights are they really as bright as advertised? Are you only using one or two on the back of your boat? I have 2 drain plugs but they are Expendables. I would consider converting them to screw in plugs for this mod. I am a little worried about the Christmas tree hanging off the back to get the amount of light I'm looking for though. LoL. I don't want to drill non factory looking holes for a few reasons, considering a floating ledge possibly gates if I keep it and I don't want to have to move a bunch of locations and deal with a bunch of patches. The boat is also painted a custom color green metal flake that I do not want to match it's not just white. My kids just learning how to surf so we're looking for wetsuits to stretch the season into early October. Pretty chilly here but doable. And at the end of the day it's a 19 and a half foot close bow square window. Barely big enough for the family, they're all getting pretty used to sitting on fat sax as it is lol

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You don't want to drill, and you don't want to send quality lights off with the boat. I have the solution!

Here you go, some 3m tape, silicon, and you don't even have to change out your drain plug. Let us know how it works out.

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