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2012 LXI

Mackie 12

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We recently got to ski behind a LXI with the Z/O and needless to say loved it. However the price of this boat leaves me to do nothing but dream about it. My question is would a 2006-2008 be comparable?

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Peter nailed it on the head, and rightfully so with his experience.

I will say and 06 (first gen LXi) is an awesome wake at long lines. Not that second gen is not good, it is, but I would probably look for an 06 if you are looking used. BUT, I don't think 06's will be compatible with ZO.

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If you want real ZO then I think that you have to go 2008 or newer (should be when they got throttle by wire). With the older ones you can install Z-Box upgrade assuming the boat has perfect pass stargazer (or you need to upgrade to stargazer)


My father in-law has the z-box on his florida boat (nautique) and they really seem to like it.

One of the boats I ski behind is a 2004 LXI and I would take it over the 2013 Mastercraft prostar that we also use any day of the week.

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Currently we are running a 98 sportster with Perfect pass and have no complaints. I have looked at upgrading to the Z/O box, but what really got me was the wake on the response! My wife actually was the first one to comment on it! In other words the CFO is behind me on this one.


I see you are a dealer? Any stock in a 06 -08?

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We have a customer selling his 2007, and we may see another 2007 this winter, but no telling if and when.

Here is a link to the first one -


The owner is a slalom skier, and takes very good care of it, but we can get him to take some more photos if you're interested. It does have Perfect Pass Stargazer.


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That's a very nice boat Peter.

OP: we have perfect pass stargazer on our 2004 LXI and regularly ski behind our friend's 2014 TXI with zero off. Although the zero off is more accurate, the perfect pass stargazer does the job well. I would not go for the younger boat just for the pp / zo upgrade. Just my 2 cents.

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We recently got to ski behind a LXI with the Z/O and needless to say loved it. However the price of this boat leaves me to do nothing but dream about it. My question is would a 2006-2008 be comparable?

As stated, 2012 is the first year for the TXi.

On a side note, did you have that BEER for me???.....lol...

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06 is a great boat....but the TXi is outstanding. FWIW, you can add ZO to a 2006 but I believe it involves replacement of the ECM which becomes costly. I'm sure Peter knows more or can offer additional wisdom. I know for a fact that you can find an 06 in good condition for mid-20's. Something to think about. ZO is nice, but a well dialed in stargazer set is nice as well and a bit easier on the wallet in a 2006.

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@daretogobare: yea sorry forgot to send u some pics, had a few rum and gingers at the north end this year. Was an awesome holiday, got to ski every morning for at least three sets.

@smoothwaterman: that is exactly what I am looking, however the hours kind of turn me away. Have u ever been involved in shipping to Canada?

Thanks for everyone's opinion, I will look around for an 06-08 and just and the P/P Z/O box option thing. We are not short line skiers yet but is rare when the wife says " that boat is way better to ski behind then ours, we should start looking"

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In regards to dialling in your perfect pass, can someone enlighten me as to what the KX and PX do? We run on classic GPS and the biggest difference we notice between the Z/O and the P/P is the "Leg" so to speak, hard pull across the wake and seems like on edge Change you are waiting for the boat to speed back up?

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@Mackie12: If you are comparing a TXi to an LXi, the key TXi improvement was less deadrise in the hull with a resulting improvement in long line wakes. The LXi to Sportster comparison would be a softer wake from the LXi although slightly wider as it is a wider boat. If barefooting is a sport of choice, the Gen 1 (2003-2006) LXi would be your boat of choice rather than the '07-'11 LXi. I have not heard any footing feedback on the TXi and have not had a chance behind one myself. They are all excellent boats.

PP settings: Kx is response time and does not require a switch, Px is amount of response and does require the switch. To compare to ZO Kx is the A, B, C. Px is the 1, 2, 3. PP also offers Z box for Stargazer equipped boats.

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Mackie, boats going to Canada are really not an issue, but you will need to pay duties/etc on your end. Most of our CA customers simply come down and haul it back across the border themselves. We did have one western CA customer that shipped it via rail car from Montreal, but others out west simply haul it via truck carrier from it's pickup point. Best way to do that is arrange shipping from a trucking broker.


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