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Perfect pass won't turn on


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My perfect pass is the digital pro version it says natiques at the bottom. I have four buttons on off top left menu top right and bottom left is down bottom right is up. The pass powers on fine but the only button that works is the toggle up arrow. Any idea how to reset it or fix it? Anyone else have this problem was working fine until today.

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How old is it? It's probably worth disconnecting and reconnecting the wires a few times at the PP display and at the under dash unit. I'm underwhelmed by their connectors, since they have no protection from the elements, and can corrode easily. Breaking and remaking the connections will help scrub crud from between them.

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Since it says Natiques on the bottom we'll assume this is a used device that was retrofitted into your boat. Your boat is 16 years old so lets split the difference and say the unit is 8. I've found that PP displays develop 2 types of problems on units this old..... The head unit gets moisture in it and either the LCD gets washed out or the pressure button contacts corrode and quit working. Sometimes if you leave the boat in the sun they'll dry out and start working again but you can expect to have issues again later. Can you link the performance with a moisture event like say heavy rain you got caught out in?

If resetting the power doesn't work you will most likely need to replace the display. A lot of times you can pick up a used head unit on Skier to Skier.

PP has great support. Give them a call and they'll tell you what you need quick.

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Not really, it wasn't made to be serviced and it certainly isn't waterproof but rather water resistant. I'd try wiping it and the surrounding areas down and then leave it in the sun. The bad part is that once the water gets into it corrosion starts. It may start working again but it will probably also fail again.

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Wait for it to dry. Check this out bringing the 65' house boat in to bullfrog 2 weeks ago in a slight rain storm.we had a bad battery on our house boat and lost all throttle. My buddy is screaming for me to hook the by to the house boat to prevent it from taking out a bunch of other house boats. I go to power up abbot to get to him and my PP starts beeping out of control and I had basically no throttle had to slam almost all of the way down just to get anything. I am towing a 15 ton boat on my ski pylon and now my boat is having major PP issues. Needless to say I am convinced it was moisture in the air causing PP to go crazy no buttons worked and it was just freaking out. That night when it had dried out I started the boat and it functioned flawlessly. Another note my screen was a bit sloppy looking the whole trip when I repluger the control box in my screen looked clean and brand new. Weird. Long and short. I think it was moisture dry it out and check it again.

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