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Eliminate Head Unit - Naked Stereo


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I could not easily find this topic, so I will just post how I have eliminated head units, interfaces and cut right to the music. I have used this with 4 speaker systems.

Non-factory Speakers:

If you want fairly loud, clean sound:

Purchase the following: Wetsounds WW-BT-VC, JL Audio 400/4, JL Audio Remote gain(~$35), Wetsounds 650's, tinned copper marine wire, Proven Performance 12 conductor connector to connect to Malibu "Amp" connector (this will depend upon year of boat).

Mount the Wetsounds WW-BT-VC somewhere convenient (like the lower left dash flange), run the WW-BT-VC output to two RCA connectors to feed your amp input (I used a JL400/4 but a Wetsounds amp would also be great). Set amp to two channel input. Connect speaker wires from amp to to Wetsounds 650's (4 speakers); use the Proven Performance connector for clean install. When connecting power to WW-BT-VC, connect to an ignition source. Connect Amp remote turn on with ignition source (or put in a remote switch). Adjust amp per manual. If you experience hiss when bluetooth is not playing/linked due to grounding issues, check your ground and make sure you connected remote amp turn-on to ignition sourcce....or put in a remote gain to turn down amp when not in use. Throw head unit in garbage. I used a JL400/4 with 4 wetsounds 650 speakers, no head unit. I dislike head units and all the extra interface....obsolete and non-value added for my use. When connecting power to WW-BT-VC, connect to an ignition source or remote (same as amp).

Lower Cost System With Good Sound:

Use factory speakers, a Clarion XC1410 amp, a 3.5mm input panel mount with 2 RCA outputs, and a JL Audio CL-RLC. Run your RCA cables from the panel mount 3.5mm input into the JL Audio CL-RLC input (this boosts mp3/ipod voltage output to amp), run the output from the CL-RLC to the amplifier input. Connect amp to speakers.....DONE! No head unit. Plug your Ipod/phone/MP3 into the 3.5mm input and you have a naked stereo. CL-RLC can be used to control volume. No head unit, clean installation, one little knob to control volume and a 3.5mm to connect from your "source" (mp3, iPod, phone etc) to the panel input. Use tinned marine wire and appropriate fuses.

I have used both methods in my own boats and will be installing the Clarion "Lower Cost" system into a friends boat this fall. No MUX, no head unit, no interfaces, great sound, more reliable.

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