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Lesson Learned


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I learned a lesson this evening at the lake. Never leave the wakeboards or surfboard unattended in the boat. We had the surfboard out for the second time and after pulling the wakeboards and surfboard off the racks and placing them on the floor of the boat for the ride home we had to stop for a bathroom break at the restrooms. After buckling the little ones into their carseats my wife realized the new Broadcast wakesurfboard was gone. It had just gotten dark and the ramp and loading zones were busy with several boats. The boat behind us had several college-aged kids that had been watching us intently as we were loading up. I don't know for sure but suspect they pulled up next to us and reached into the boat and grabbed the surfboard which was the easiest one to get to. Fortunately the other boards were still there. Now I will put them into the back of the Suburban. Bad luck-yes, but fortunately we didn't loose all the boards.

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Sorry to hear about this. What is wrong with people to day. There is little that is lower than stealing. Is forfeiting your integrity and honor with any amount of money. My opinion--no way.

I hope who ever stole it feels sick and loses sleep every time they use it.

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Sorry to hear about your misfortune!

I always feel ashamed about people behaving that way. But that could have happend (gr?) over here as well.

Isn't it sad that there are people who have no respect and just don't care about others?

Where is the morality of these morons, what comes next? Stealing your car, burgling your house, raping your daughter...


Was there a serial # imprinted in the board?

Watch out for wakesurfers the next time(s) you are out!

Or you might set a search in "My eBay" with the right keywords...

Good luck!

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UGH! Mad.gif people make me sick! It is like a personal attack on you.

I mean come on, a wakesurf board? If you have a boat to wakesurf behind, you're not really hurting for cash.

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Sorry to hear about that stork, it's a worry that I always have when we make a stop somewhere. Let me throw this out there: How many of us have our boards & skis inventoried with serial numbers? Surely it would be something that our insurance would ask for in the event of a claim, at least if we had it available for them.

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A hand full of people out there really suck. Mad.gif Not much worse than that feeling you get when you realize some of your stuff has just been stolen. I feel for ya!

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That really sucks! I have to ask though, if you suspected those people, why didn't you go over and at least talk to them?

They were gone after the bathroom break.

I wish I had purchased it with my AMEX as it has a purchase protection plan which will replace any lost or stolen item for 90 days after purchase. I dug out my receipt and I had paid with a VISA card-no such coverage there. Nevertheless, I went back to the dealer and purchased another Broadcast surf board to replace the stolen one and fortunately he gave me a good deal on it.

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