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Help removing old graphics

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Saw the post for installing new graphics, but I need to remove our old ones first and would like some advice from anyone who has done this. We are taking off the Malibu sun logo and the US Open drip mold logo on the rear.

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I just did this last week and it was easy.

I used a heat gun (a hair dryer would also work) and gently heated the surface of the decal until it peeled easily. Too little heat and the decals wanted to break off in pieces. Too much heat on the sun decals made them too soft to hold together during the peeling process.

I used my thumbnail to pry up the corner of the decal and then gently peeled it back. I think you'll get the hang of it quickly!

All the decals came off cleanly. I wiped the area clean with acetone to make sure that there was no adhesive residue. All told it took about an hour to pull the registration numbers, side sun decals, sunsetter lxi dripmolds, and US Open dripmolds.

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use the acetone directly on it, they will fall off. When I use to leave my boat in the water, I used a product call On/Off, which had some kind of acid in it. If I just touch a decal with that product, it would fall right off.

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Does the acetone need to be cut with water? I thought I read that somewhere while searching?

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You might want to try Sticker-off link to remove and Sticker-on link to put your new ones. I never tried, but saw in Overton's catalog. Has anyone tried? Dontknow.gif

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Ours peeled off cleanly: there was no sticker residue, only the outlines of the decals against the gelcoat. That wouldn't come off at all but the wet sanding should get that...

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I've used both for registration decals and numbers (not domed). They both work well.

The sticker-off did take residue, etc off, but it took a bit of rubbing. Goo Gone seemed to work a little better. Acetone should work well too.

The sticker-on did allow me some movement after the numbers were attached.

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