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247 Engines

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Which engine do you have in your 247? How is the hole shot? Top End. Did any of you try the 247 with both engines? The 383 HH is a very nice engine but I worry on how it will handle the size of the boat.

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I got the 8.1L. It has the factory 537 prop. The holeshot so far has been great. Lots of torque. Top speed by GPS was 48.3 mph which was right where water ski mag put it.

This weekend we will be really loading it up, so I will see if the prop is still a good choice.

As far as the 383. It is an awesome engine with tons of torque. I had it in my 23 LSV and was very happy. The 247 is not that much heavier than the 23 LSV. Malibu claims a 100# dry weight difference. Crazy.gif Plus add about 30 gallons more in fuel capacity (more weight just in fuel). Malibu said in there testing the 247 with the 383 it ran about 2 mph behind the 8.1L at WOT. Or roughly 45 mph. With the array of props that are available you can prop it for just about any performance.

One it was all done and said, The #1 reason I got the 8.1L: "there is no replacement for displacement" :)

Good Luck! The 247 is one awesome boat. Yahoo.gif

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We have the HH in our 247, and it sure runs circles around my old Tige 23V. I had a "bad" experience with the big block chevy in a 3/4 ton Suburban we owned, so I wasn't too interested in the marinized version. The HH with the 537 ACME prop has a great holeshot, and top end in the mid 40s somewhere ... I need to calibrate our speedo with GPS for an accurate reading, but I really don't care about top end. Either engine should do fine ... if you're going to be loading up the boat w/extra ballast over the stock stuff, and carrying 16 people on board, Stuart is right. (no replacement for displacement). If you're like us, (old fart just having fun) the HH should be plenty of punch.

Just my 2 cents.

By the way, the 247 Rocks! I love this boat!!!! Rockon.gif

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