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What temp thermostat did you buy? Some people run hotter durning the winter to help with hot water on the shower/heater. I thought back in the day malibu used something funky like 164deg.

If you changed out the thermostat with a 160, and you know the impeller is good I'd start checking some other things. First off open the drains (while the motor is running and after it has reached temp) on the exhaust manifolds to ensure water if flowing out each side, and then on the block. Do these one at a time and only for a few seconds each. You just want to verify you have good flow. You should also check your tranny cooler (heat exchanger) - a lot of times impeller chunks and other debris will find its way to this location and clog up or limit flow to the motor. Pull the hoses and try and look through. Clean as needed. Let us know where this gets you.

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I will give that a shot, just wanted to rule out anything crazy. I believe that I replaced it with a 160 degree thermostat.

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Are you getting these readings with the fake a lake or running on the water?

If you are running these test with a fake a lake....... bad idea... run it in the water and see the difference.

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No there was no change at the lake versus on the fake a lake.

I would think that it's a thermostat issue. I'd check to make sure that the stat was installed properly (IE: not put in backwards) and that it opens properly. You can test the stat by placing in a pan of water on the stove. Put a cooking thermometer in the water and heat it up. You can verify that it opens at the right temp.

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Anyone else who has a Echelon or a 350 carb Merc know what temp their engine runs at?

I have this set up and the temp depends on the lake water temp.

Last week the lake was 70F and the engine water temp never got hotter than 140F.

Having said that, I don't think I have ever seen the engine temp go over 160F. That was the max.

I agree with mrothwell, do the stove test and make sure the thermostat is opening at the right temp.

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Got the line to the oil cooler off this weekend. Looks like there was some old impeller pieces that were cloging the line. I am 95% sure that was all we needed......now if I can just get this stalling issue resolved maybe I can start the damn thing and test it to be sure. 2 steps backward to go one step foward.

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