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Can't decide on what board


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I picked my Christmas present, the '05 Murray setup. I've ridden it probalby 6-7 times now. I love the bindings, they hold my feet in like glue. But I've decided the board just isn't right for me.

I'm 6' 190lb - the board is 138.1, and I think (as CarveItUp discovered as well) that the board is too short for me. So I'm selling it if anyone's interested - only been used 6-7 times. Like new.

I have the '03/'04(?) 141 Belmont and I really like it. It has 3 short fins on each side of the board, so when you lean into the fins they hold incredibly well - helps a lot with landings. But the center of the board is fairly smooth - so it's very easy to break loose and slide. I pulled off my first 360 slide yesterday!

- Pete probably doesn't remember, but the first time we rode together he pushed me to try it. I did, and of course I piled. It's taken me quite some time, but I've finally pulled my first one off.

The '05 Murray was also easy to break loose, I liked that. But for some reason I have a difficult time cutting out far enough. I know that sounds weird, but I'd cut out hard on my normal side, and find I'd be leaning too far out and often nose dive in on my edge. When I'd cut back into the wake I'd have to have a serious progressive edge and hold it all the way through to clear the wake, do a grab etc.

On the Belmont, if I held my edge like that I'd be into the flats. I put the '05 bindings on the Belmont yesterday to try it out again. I like that board, but if anything it boosts me too high and too far. And I'd like to try a board that's a little shorter, if anything to shave a little weight and length off the board. In theory I think that would help me with my spins (want to land 360's this year) and I'd like to try my first inverts.

I borrowed my friends '06 139 HL 3DS yesterday. I didn't like his LF Transit bindings. The board length I thought was good. But I felt the board held too tightly. I had a tough time breaking it loose to slide. And I really didn't like the pop off the wake. Felt like it left me back at the other wake. I did a rooster wake to wake a couple times - my right foot high in the air and my back foot dragging low. I quickly got a feel for it and cleared the wake, did a grab, but didn't like how tight the board felt.

I've had a good experience with a CWB Premiere in the past as well. May try that approach too.

Anyone that has experience on any of these boards - your advice would be appreciated. I'm selling my '05 Murray and looking for a longer board - somewhere between the 138 and 141 Belmont. But which board, I'm not sure. I'll keep my Belmont and ride it until I can figure out which board to go with.

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I went from a motive (the renamed belemont) to a team 139. I love it. Breaks loose when I want it to. But the cupped side fins have saved me any times. if we ever ride together you are free to try it.

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I just got the LF Fish 137 and I like it a lot. It holds its' edge well, but is very loose for surface tricks. I find landings that were hard on my Trip 143 are pillow soft with the fish. I also like the extra room between my toes and the edge of the board with the Fish.

I'm 6'2", 245 lbs which is why I got the 137.

You may want to demo one.

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I ride a Hyperlite 3DS 139 and like it a lot. I'm guessing you rode the board with the stock 1.1 A-wings and I believe that to be your problem. It is way too tight and hard to do surface stuff with those. I would really suggest switching those out with some .8 P-wings (which I have) or some .7 A-wings and demo the board again. It changes the ride dramatically. I'm not sure why you were having trouble with the pop but this board having the abrupt continuous rocker probably has some of the better feeling pop as far as continuous rocker boards go. You could try some subtle 3-stage boards and see what you think. Technique will play more into pop than a slight change in the rocker anyway.

Also, demo some other boards and see what you like. Good luck!

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Agreed..... Try out lots of boards. You can get opinions from people all day long about this board and that board, but unless you like it and feel comfy with the edges,the pops,and the landings. You'll be back here again asking for 2007 purchasing advise. Yahoo.gif

FYI: I'm 160lbs and ride a 139 LF Team and also have a 141 Absolute on the boat too. Can't tell ya which board is best but stay with the 141's and bigger for your size.

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Ya, for now Mark I'm going to stick with the Belmont.

But I'd like to try new things.

eubanks - I do believe the board I tried had the smaller fins. I remember my friend complaining about his not feeling like the one I tried, on closer inspection they found the fin size difference.

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Ya, for now Mark I'm going to stick with the Belmont.

But I'd like to try new things.

eubanks - I do believe the board I tried had the smaller fins. I remember my friend complaining about his not feeling like the one I tried, on closer inspection they found the fin size difference.

+3 on the Belmont. FWIW, every time I try something new, it ends up costing me money. :lol: So I stay with the trusty Belmont.

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+4 on the Belmont, but I'm going to try an 05 Era this summer.

It came highly recommended as an upgrade for the Belmont and I found a place to pick it up under $180 (evogear).

If I don't like it, I'll just put it up on e-bay and should come close to breaking even.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thought I'd circle back and let you know what I ended up doing here.

- Only becuase I know so many of you were on pins and needles wondering what I would do.

As I mentioned before, I had decided to sell my '05 Murray. CarveItUp wrote that he too was going to sell his '05 Murray - and that his had faded. I remembered something about him planning to call HL and find out if they'd replace it.

I started working on a craigslist.com listing and took off the bindings, and lo and behold, mine had faded as well. The area under the bindings was much darker than the rest of the board.

I called HL and they said they'd replace it, but I had to deal with a dealer. So I drove to Cope and talked with Jeff. I figured I'd have to send in my board and they'd send me whatever they had in stock. That's what they made it sound like when I call HL myself.

Jeff talked to them and said I could go into the pro shop with $400 credit and get whatever I wanted. SAWEEEEEEET!

I was really torn between the '06 Murray - which is much like the Belmont I've been riding - the '03 with the 3 small fins on each side. Or the CWB Absolute Platinum.

The CWB retails for $600! Yikes. I can't believe people pay that. I would have had to come out of pocket another $200.

Jeff and the Copes team said they'd treat me right if I took care of the Murray and brought it back after one or two tries. If I really hated it they said they'd 'help me out'. So I took it.

I got to ride it today behind a friend's new VLX. We hit Anderson.

We were on the water at 8:00 - literally the first boat in the water. It was the smoothest water I've ever seen at Anderson. And until 10:00 we basically had it totally to ourselves. I've never seen it deserted like that. It was sweet.

The board was awesome. Just like the Belmont, fast and the rocker on it was great. The board I picked up is a 142 - so actually longer then my Belmont, and a lot longer than the 138.1 '05 Murray I was riding.

The '05 was just so slow, the Belmont so fast and the '06 is 'just right'. Thumbup.gif

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