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Just got a New Heater, Now WHERE to put the outlets?


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Fellow Crew Members with Heat,

I just received my 40,000 BTU Heater-craft Heater with 2 fixed outlets and 2 pull out tubes....

I am looking into where to put my 4 heater tube/outlets for my closed bow echelon...

My goals are:

heating my right throttle hand while driving

heating my feet while driving

heating my head/windshield while driving

heating a passenger

suggestions anyone?

if you have pictures, that would be great.

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Hummmmmm......heating you head Should be easy! Use one of the hot tubs for this.

Get yourself a nice toque, put a hole in the back of it , attach a tube clamp where you can fasten

the hot tube to. Rocket Man come to mind when I picture this.......:Tease3:

At one time I was actually thinking of making an adapter you could attach the shower hose into ones

Barefoot suite for those early morning cold BF run off the boom.

Maybe I've got something here......should I patten?

Edit: Yes I know good help is sometimes hard to find!

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The last heater I installed in a DD was installed under the passenger side dash. I had 3 snorkels, one on the far left side, 6' long to reach the back seat. One next to it, standard length, and the 3rd one next to that near the middle of the boat, standard length. I could pull the one in the middle towards my hands or feet, the others made it to all the passengers.

Be sure to set it up so it's easy to drain. Mount the core high, with the hoses on the bottom. And install fittings in the bilge so their easy to remove from topside. Prestone radiator flush Ts or garden hose quick release fittings are the norm.

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My 98 Sportster had a 3 outlet heater, two fixed at the drivers feet, and one pull out between the driver and spotter seat.


Pook....you even used my own photo,,,impressive....

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Don't ask me how I Know the plug is not always in! :whistle:

I was seconds away from this very issue a week ago. Don't know why but at the last second it tweaked and I thought

Did or didn't I....and I didn't.

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I was seconds away from this very issue a week ago. Don't know why but at the last second it tweaked and I thought

Did or didn't I....and I didn't.

I now carry a spare transom plug and a spare hull bottom plug in the glove box......

it beats the alternative.....

again...dont ask

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