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Harpoon and xm7 speaker buzz

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Hey guys,

Last year I quickly threw a harpoon and a single pair (2 total speakers) of xm7s in the boat. Since I usually drive and my brother can't figure out how to hit the play button, I didn't get a chance to hear the speakers till late in the fall. Unfortunately, when I finally did hear them, I was disappointed in the output (very faint/couldn't hear it when riding).

After changing the settings on the harpoon yesterday, I was finally able to get the speakers loud enough that I may be able to hear them 70ft back. While I was doing this, I decided that I should finally try to get rid of the buzz coming from the speakers.

My current source is an Ipod hooked into the stock aux input. The aux input goes to a pac 1 lcr which is hooked to the harpoon.

The amp is hooked directly to the battery and the remote is connected to the extra aux mux switch on the dash.

Anyone have any suggestion or link that I can use to get rid of it? I was looking around and couldn't find anything.


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I would have to assume that the 'buzz' is unrelated to volume, timing of music content, and is only present when the engine is running or the key is engaged. Based on that assumption....

The most common cause of noise is a supply or ground loop where two components in the audio path have a voltage differential.

If you have a standard dual battery switch and no ACR then the amplifier and ALL audio components (no exceptions) should be connected via the battery switch output and not battery-direct.

ALL audio electronics should share the same B+ supply point and same grounding point. That often means that to clear up the noise loop you must bypass the factory harness on both the supply and ground. You can still maintain a keyed or switched function through a simple bypass relay.

Check to see if you have noise on all audio sources, radio, etc. and not just the ipod on the aux input.

If the noise is limited to the ipod and the ipod is using a boat power supply source that can cause a conflict. If this is the case then specify and we'll go more in depth on that subject.

Check to see if you have the same level of noise with the amplifier inputs unplugged.

Any existing upstream noise will be greatly accentuated as you increase the amplifier input sensitivity (in an attempt to get more volume from the tower speakers).

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Thanks for the help! I'll check these and post my findings.

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