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Extreme Trailer Fenders


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Hello all,

I am hoping there is someone on here who can help me. I have a 2007 Extreme trailer that needs some work done to the fenders. Not only are the fenders rock chipped, but one side has a dent like it hit something. I am not sure if I want to replace them with stainless fenders, or if I want to try Dr. Color Chip and ignore the dent, or if I want to take them off and have them sprayed with truck bed liner. I guess one more option would be to have them wrapped.

I was just curious what would you do? If you were to replace them what vendor would you use? I hear the fenders on my trailer aren't supposed to be used as a step, is there another company that makes a tougher fender?

Thanks for all your help!

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Same issue here, kind of. My crappy tires blew and completely wrecked a fender. I bent it back into place for the time being but its ugly.

Extreme Trailers is located about 40 miles from me so I will just get a replacement , already painted.

The one thing they asked me is how wide the fender was, they have 2 sizes. Like 10" or 12" I think. Goes without saying but be sure to check yours if you order new ones.

I'd like to put a strip of diamond plate on top of mine because the flat tire totally bent the fender and actually jammed up into the boat. Luckily no gelcoat damage but it sure looked like there would've been.

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I have a '02 Extreme trailer and replaced both last year. Crazy prices for stainless ones so I went to Six States Trailer supply and purchased new bare metal fenders. I went to a local automotive paint supply house and had some paint color matched to the rest of the trailer. I bought a cheap spray gun and painted them myself. Not really that hard and it turned out really well. They can even put your color in spray cans for you and paint it that way. I think all said and done I had les than $200 in it with left over paint to clean up chips on the rest of the trailer.

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Thanks for the heads up on Six States Trailer supply. I will check it out. I think Extreme wanted around $800 for the stainless. More than I want to pay.

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Yes, please elaborate on the install. If I remember correctly, I had one place tell me they have to lift the boat up to remove/install the fender. I was a little surprised by that.

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Haha thats hilarious. You don't need to have the boat off the trailer. They are 65 x 10.75. It's definetly easier with two guys when you mark them to drill the holes. Just measure multiple times before you drill. I also installed runway lights at the same time.

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  • 1 month later...

I have been looking at this exact thing.

I was wondering about this: https://www.boatmateparts.com/product_details.php?itmId=33

But I really don't like the look of the boatmate valence trailer with the part that sticks down in the middle of the fender.

I prefer the smooth of the SS fenders from pacific trailers: http://www.pacifictrailers.com/stainless-steel-fenders/

My most important question is why not just go with aluminum: http://www.trailerpartsdepot.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=03%2D821%2DA&eq=&Tp=

The aluminum are less than half the price and look to have a similar finish.

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Are aluminum as strong as stainless? My stock fenders are wimpy and if I were to upgrade mine I want to be able to stand on them if I can.

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I know this is an old thread, but

I was looking at purchasing two of the boatmate fenders for my Extreme trailer ( the stock Extreme fenders are 66 long by 16 tall and the Boatmates are 65x15 tall)   I have a 2007 247  It does sit above the fender on both sides.  I was wondering If Ryangb's lsv does the same?   Anyway, trying to see if this will create any issues.

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I will need to replace a fender this fall/spring after a blowout. Does anyone have advice actually replacing one? I have a pretty good sprayer, Wagner 190 HE airless, which I think I can get a pretty fine tip for. It is not an automotive sprayer, and I have not used it on metal, so I am not quite sure what the result would be.  Should I cut the old one off (Angle grinder), prep the surface, paint the fender and take it somewhere to weld on, then spray over the weld after sanding/prep? Weld then paint the whole fender at once? I have always wanted to get into welding, but I think this job should be left to the pros. I am just looking for the most cost effective "right way" to do it. Any advice would be appreciated!

I can probably schedule this when I can keep the boat in the water(off the trailer) for a couple of days while welding/painting can be done.

Thanks crew!

@319driver Thanks for bumping this! It was in the back of my mind for the fall, so seeing this was a bit encouraging to think I would not have to live with an "ugly" trailer.

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