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95 echelon trailer specs

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board but need some advise.

I've recently agreed to purchase a 95 echelon lx and now I need to get it home. The boat has no trailer, but hopefully that won't be an issue. I have a trailer from my larger fishing boat that I'm hoping I can get her home on…. weight is not and issue, and the trailer has bunks (3 x 12 covered wooden bunks). What I'm concerned about is getting the boat to fit in between the cross members and moving in the bunks to align with the stringers.

From top of the trailer bunks to the top of the frame cross members is 12+ inches which should be sufficient to clear the front skeg.

I realize the trailer is mush to large for this boat, but I think that if I strap it down both fore and aft is should be ok to get home.

Any help with hull dimensions would be greatly appreciated...

I'm looking for:

  • measured from the transom, the distance from the front of the skeg to the rear
  • skeg depth measured from the keel
  • measured from the transom, the distance from where the shaft penetrates the hull to end of the shaft
  • max prop depth measured from the keel
  • the distance between the stringers

Any advise or opinions are certainly welcome

Thanks id advance


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Probably better off trying to borrow a trailer from your local dealer. Typically inboards have a double bunk arrangement to properly support the boat, as well as the issue of the low hanging prop that you are going to want proper protection for.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I know that the trailer I have is not the ideal situation but I was hoping to make it work for the moment.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I know that the trailer I have is not the ideal situation but I was hoping to make it work for the moment.


Is there any chance that the prop and shaft will clear the trailer? Looking at the trailer on my I/O, an inboard would have to be hanging a couple feet off the back of the bunks for the rear crossmember to not hit the prop/shaft.

Got a picture of the trailer?

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If your trailer is designed for a much heavier boat this is not good for you to tow the lighter boat and trailer As a combo. why? Because there's no room for Any bounce or give, as it will ride to Stiff and may cause stress on your boat. sort of like driving around and 1 ton truck and carry a bag of eggs in the back

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Echelon Hull dimensions from transom:

  • rudder centerline = 7" / prop centerline = 15" / shaft hole in hull = 41"
  • tracking fin centerline = 8 ft. (#3), 9 ft. (#2), 10 ft. (#1)
  • rudder height = 12" / prop height (minimum or bottom) = 14"

Trailer dimensions:

  • prop guard bar = 16" down from bottom of hull (so 2" lower than prop)
  • guide widths: inner bunk = 13.5" from center or 27" spread at bunk centerline, outer bunk = 24" from center or 48" spread at bunk centerline.
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Sorry for not responding earlier… works been a bear this week.

Thank you all for the above suggestions.

Woodski thanks for taking the time to provide the requested dimensions.

I picked up the boat earlier today with no problems. I was able to drop the prop/rudder about six inches in front of the rear cross member with no issues.

You all rock


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