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2013 24mxz power wedge fault message

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Took the boat out after being in storage all winter to run her through to make sure everything is ready for summer. All ballasts wee fine but wedge started showing max amperage message on mallei view screen from start. Screen shows wedge is fully down position. Shut boat power off multiple times hoping it would reset on water with no luck. To our surprise we trailer boat and wedge is all the way up. Drove home and mallei view is still showing it all th e way down. Power was shut off for over an hour on drive home so I know that won't fix it. Got in contact with dealer he said to make sure pivot bolts on actuators are not seezed up or too tight for wedge to come down. They were all good. Battery charge is good. Asking the crew if anyone else has an idea to try before I haul it to dealer. Kind of a decent drive I want to avoid if possible. Pic of her getting shined up.post-21819-13967459663966_thumb.jpg

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Did you try calibrating it in Maliview? Its been awhile since I have done this but should be pretty easy in the menu selection. You can also do this for surfgate tabs as well.

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Sounds like you have a bad actuator, had the same message one of my SG actuators first run this season. To the best of my knowledge there's no longer a wedge calibration in setup, only SG.

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Remove bolts from both rams so the wedge hangs loose. Put a straight edge across the end of both rams. Make sure they are perfectly even. If one is even a hair longer than the other, they bind up causing max current draw error. You can spin the end of the rams in or out to line them up perfectly. Once they are perfectly aligned, bolt them back to wedge. Now do full system reset in Maliview setup screen. See if that works.

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Sounds like you have a bad actuator, had the same message one of my SG actuators first run this season.

I had the same problem at the beginning of last season. In my case, both actuators were filled with water.

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Thanks for help guys. Looking at getting her to shop. They already got my surf gate upgrade sitting there so might as well get it on while she is there.

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