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Does having the wedge "up 2 clicks " make a difference.


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I dont have a power wedge so i wouldnt know. But i have seen people mount stuff to move the wedge up a little bit. Does it really make a difference compared to having it all the way down.

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Good Question! I would like to see where it goes. In my experience, I think it makes the wave a little harder. With two clicks it will get the white stuff (wash) right underneath where you ride. Therefore, I think it gives the wave more energy. It's very hard to explain. I know I definitely wasted more gas with 2 clicks up.

I am going to play around with this more. It could also make the wave steeper...if I remember correctly

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Well I had the Manual Wedge in my 2002 Sunscape and always had it down. With my current boat I definitely play with the wedge when surfing and I never end up with it all the way down. I think my standard set up is usually 2 or 3 clicks up. So I suppose it makes a difference......good or bad is totally subjective IMO.

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All the way down for me seems to add a little push and appears to shorten the wave face and adds a little curl at the tailing end of the wave. 2 clicks (max if I use it) really digs it in, creates more push and wave height, shortens the face even more, produces a pronounced curl/tube which I am really not concerned about creating and eats a ton of gas. But is does look cool and really impresses the girls and the newbs! I honestly didn't use the wedge once last year. Of course I am running an 1100 and a 750 surf side along with stock ballast so that definately helps.

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I've spent wayyy too much time figuring and playing with this stuff. For any who don't know, all the way down is 600lbs and at the "halfway" point is 1200lbs I find that 2 clicks up while wakeboarding give the wake the perfect lip and snap. For surfing the wedge all the way up, but it may be different without surfgate since i've never surfed my old boat, I'm not sure.

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I Agree with Malibuboy. Just in case someone misinterprets, By All the way up, he means the most you can go while it's still in usable range, not all the way up in fully stowed position.

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It matter what hull you have and size boat. My 06 V-ride all the way down. Friends 08 VLX always a few clicks up. Friends 08 LSV few clicks up. Friend 13 VLX it don't matter its sick regardless.

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I running 750 in the back locker 400 on the seat 370 under the seat and another 400 on the floor next to the seat, and the wedge all the way dropped. Maybe this season i am gonna try to move the wedge up and see what it will do. This is what the wave looks like now http://youtu.be/MYTT7qo7QMM. If i that will help clean it up then ill make something to keep the wedge up.

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