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2006 Malibu Wakesetter 21XTI JL Audio Stereo Build


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Hey guys,

I am spending the next month or so finishing up the system in the boat for the season. I bought the boat July 3rd last year for two reasons: to have a bitchin' system and to float around on. I am not much of a wakeboarder and we surf a little bit. But those weren't the driving decision to get the boat. I loved the layout of seating and the price. It's got the 350 Monsoon with an Illusion X tower.

Before I bought the boat I was on the horn with both my reps for JL Audio and Wet Sounds trying to decide what route I wanted to go. In conclusion, Brian Power over at JL Audio, he and I decided on a pretty killer start up "get the boat on the water" system. I threw it together knowing I was going to do a full overhaul this off season to clean up the installation and make it a little bit tidier...a lot tidier...and a lot more finished.


Alpine CDE-HD149BT

AudioControl Matrix

(4) JL Audio M800/8 (bridged down essentially to an 800/4)

(2) JL Audio M600/1

(4 pairs) JL Audio M880CCXSGTB

(2 pairs) JL Audio M770CCXSGTB

(2 pairs) JL Audio M770ETXv2SGTB

(2) JL Audio 10W6v3

Lots of Stinger interconnects and power wire

I am kind of jumping into the build, I gutted everything the last few days and started upgrading and running new wire. I am relocating the batteries to the compartment next to the motor, haven't decided on batteries yet but I wanted to centralize the weight as best I could and I really wanted to use the compartment under the observer seat as those were where the batteries were prior.

I am running four runs (2 power/2 ground) of 0/1 gauge wire that will be split off into appropriate 4 gauge runs. I know its a bit over kill, but this whole thing is overkill for the most part. By relocating the power wire that ran to the factory fuse block it allowed me to run all my RCAs and speaker wire from the starboard side of the boat under and away from any heavy power wire to reduce noise. This freed up wiring that was originally found in the bow compartments. Once brought into the observer compartment I covered in TecFlex. Love that stuff.

I'm huge on wire maintenance and so every things zip tied and cleaned up. Most of the wires will be hidden but the ones that aren't, I'm doing TecFlex on to at least polish a turd.

Here are some pictures. I should have my amp racks welded up and back from powder coat to be mounted by the end of the week...hopefully.






I promise I'll get better at this picture thing by the end of all this.

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Yep exactly. Two will run the 8.8" in boats, one will run the towers, and then one will run four additional 7.7" speakers...thinking of adding them to the dash and the rear.

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holy smokes! That's gonna be crazy.

I ran it last year, and it's pretty loud. So...you can only add to it! This definitely isn't a thread that I want to turn into negativity, all equipment is in hand and ready to go! I'm excited! It'll be nice! No work to be done tonight, will resume tomorrow night. Once the mock up is all done and mounted, I'm going to take a few days off from work to finish up the fab work!

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I hear ya! Just see so many of these posts go negative. Here are a couple pictures of the amp racks


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Well, I got a little bit more done. Mounted the front dash speakers, went with that set of M770CCXSGTB from JL Audio. I got the amp racks done and Line-X of Coeur d' Alene sprayed em for me to keep rust away. Mounted and fits snug. Started finishing some wiring, the amp racks will have beauty panels and plexi over the top as well.

I'll be taking a few days off, sister is in town for her baby shower, up from Louisiana. I've been working on it till 1 or 2AM so it'll be nice to get away for a bit.




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Oh, I also ordered up the batteries from Stinger. I went back and forth on the XS Power, Interstate and Stinger...but ultimately, I went with what I knew worked and kicked a**, so the SPP2250 won! Ordered up a pair and will probably get a third before the season is in full swing.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Wow sorry guys, did exactly what I had anticipated...forgot to update! Well, I've been banging away at it and it's going good. Bout ready to drag it down to the shop to do the fab work and all the beauty panels. I have all the wiring done and it took about twice as long as I had anticipated...mostly because I kept adding stuff! Mostly LEDS for those party nights. I will take a few more "finished" pictures tomorrow of the amp rack and the sub box mounted.

But enjoy what I have available!


I have to try and dial in the audio sensitivity on the LED controller. It's just a cheap one, maybe send it back and get a nicer one.

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys, here are a couple finished pictures for this season. I'll get some of the whole boat.





I have since added black metal mesh over the face of the subwoofers. All in all it jams pretty good, definitely not done with it. I'll do more later in the year or next year. I really want to do a ton more with lighting and really make it SNAZZY! That'll be this fall/winter when I can take the interior apart and rebuild the seat bases though!

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Nice looking build.

Let us know how those lights work. Looking to add a little underwater bling as well.

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Nice looking build.

Let us know how those lights work. Looking to add a little underwater bling as well.

I will, my rep came in and showed us them. The build quality is awesome and they are bright with good spread! They do a 3,4,4.5" (surface mount) and 6" light.. check 'em out

Very nice Cody! That's a lot of time and effort involved. Something to be proud of for sure.

THanks! It was definitely a process but its what I do, got some bigger plans for next year. time to add some bling to it

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