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Antifreeze leaking from bottom of boat - Any thoughts?

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I'm new to The Crew.

I'm looking to buy used Wakesetter VLX boat.

I looked at a 2013 VLX with under 60 hours yesterday. It looked to be in very good shape.

However, while looking at the propeller shaft and rudder under the boat, I found drops of pink antifreeze on the bottom of the boat, near the screws around the prop shaft exit hole. (I've got pictures but this is my first post and I'm not sure how to get into this post.)

Clearly, the antifreeze is leaking from inside the boat.

Some background:

  • The seller said that his dealer did the winterization.
  • This boat was stored outdoors in northern Wisconsin where temperatures reached -30F this winter.

I'm afraid the antifreeze reached it's Freeze Point and caused damage to the engine.

What kinds of things should I look for during a water test of this boat?



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When anti-freeze in added to a boats cooling system, unlike a cars, it's not sealed. It still has inlets and outlets that are wide open, and can run out.

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You could ask the dealer what they use for antifreeze and then check the freeze point specs on it. Sounds like the pink RV antifreeze which does not have the same level of protection as the green stuff does. Much more environmentally friendly though.

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Some of that pink stuff is only sort of antifreeze. Some of the pink stuff is good to -50F and some of it is barely good to 0.

That being said, you can easily spill that stuff all over when trying to fill up the motor and heater core.

If you do a water test and there is no water puking out of the block or heater core and no water in the oil then you should have your answer.

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Probably nothing to worry about, as it was just a bit of spillage. You will know when it's running and it's checked for leaks and water in the oil if anything has been damaged. In climates as cold as that, winterization is usually done correctly as it would be very costly for the dealer not to.

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As above, could be something or nothing, ranging from sloppy techs that spill/overflow into the bilge during winterization all the way up to having a cracked block with a/f leaking out. My bet is on sloppy install or from ballast or heater core fill. My bilge is spotless when I take it to storage, and it seems every year when I bring it home there is a/f in the blige coming from somewhere. I've never had an issue though.

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I normally have 2 small puddles under my boat after winter storage. 1 under the raw water intake, another under the (water cooled) shaft seal. The antifreeze that gets pumped in will trickle back out a bit once it's parked.... Same thing will happen with water during the season if you're pulling it out and parking it in your garage. Nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for the advice. They were small drops of antifreeze and it sounds like it's not unusual for a little to leak out around the water cooled shaft.

Now I need to wait for the ice to melt to take it out on the water for a test.

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My vote is it is leaking out of the dripless shaft seal (if it has one, which it more than likely does). Mine does the same thing when I add anti-freeze.

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