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NEED HELP! Speaker install on SSLX

That Guy

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Alright I'm lost and hope you guys can point me in the right direction.

I've got a 96 SSLX and am replacing the speakers. Purchased new 6.5" and the removed both side panels and the windshield. Front speakers dropped in like nothing, rear speakers are driving me up the wall.

They mount from behind the panel rather than being dropped in from the front and being as the speakers I bought mount from the front the speakers don't sit flush being mounted from the rear because of the design of the metal circle where you screw the speaker down.

I can't mount the speakers on the outside because I tested it and with the speaker grill/cover my rear trunk hits when opening/closing.

I can't be the first guy to run into this mess but I am a newb when it comes to stereo installs. HELP ME!!! Do I need to purchase different speakers? Can I buy a trim ring that will space the speaker back a bit so I can install it?


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The speakers you removed are NOT 6.5" Speakers. Thus, purchasing 6.5" Speakers they will not fit properly in the factory cutouts, I've also learnt this and ignore the fact. I simply installed the speakers (drilling the screws through the upholstery) and like you said, the back seat bumps into them. If you want to go out of your way, you'd need to remove the stapling from the upholstery and cut a new hole for the right size of the speaker, re-staple the upholstery, modify a mounting bracket for the speaker and have them countersink enough that they don't hit the rear seat.

I said the hell with it and just installed it and just have to flex the middle of my rear seat and perhaps have an extra hand to open up my rear access. It might be a pain in the butt to someone, but going through the extra work to put those speakers in weren't worth my time in the middle of the summer.

Good luck.

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OK, so just did this myself. What I did was mount the speaker into the fiberglass behind the side panel that you have to take off. It worked perfectly with no modification.

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OK, so just did this myself. What I did was mount the speaker into the fiberglass behind the side panel that you have to take off. It worked perfectly with no modification.

Ha! You must have read my mind. That's exactly what I ended up doing. Pre-drilled the holes so I didn't risk the fiberglass cracking and yes it works just fine. My only concern now is when you shove a wakeboard back there in the side it may hit the back of the speaker or the wiring. We shall see once we get out on the water. I could post pictures if anyone thinks it would help in the future.

Stereo is in and sounds great, much improvement over my factory tape deck and speakers. LOL

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