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Water in Center Ski locker


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For the past 2 years I've had water collect in the center ski locker. I always thought this was due to water draining in through the floor/cushions from my kids jumping in/out of the boat. Before I winterized I drained it, cleaned it, and spent some time diagnosing where the water is coming from.

That's when I discovered that the water is "weeping" through the fiberglass from the bottomside up from the hull. It trickles in real slow but steadily streams water.

I talked with my dealer and he thinks that I either have a problem with my packing or with my HDS. Does someone have any experience with this? It's getting warmer here in WI (balmy 35deg ;-) this morning) so I want to get this fixed before I launch.


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That is the Hydroponic Dampening System (HDS) box that sits between the mufflers. It fills with water & is supposed to help dampen vibrations/noise

I've never changed the packing nut...but wouldn't the packing nut put water in the bilge? This water is seeping up from the fiberglass between the center locker and the hull.

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I had water collecting in my ski locker area as well and found that the piece of fiberglass that separates the bilge area from the ski locker does not seal against the top of the ski locker (underside of the boat floor). I asked my dealer to double check the tightness of the nut on the drive shaft and was more conscious about turning on the bilge pump more often to get rid of excess water. Those two things really seemed to help. I only get water in the ski locker now if a wave comes over the top or if there is an excessively wet kiddo up front... Also, as another poster has mentioned, keep the plug tight that separates the ski locker and bilge area.

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Check the bow eye hook as well. After years of intermittent water accumulation, I removed the eye hook and put some silicone sealant behind the base plate before re-installing. Problem solved.

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I had same model. Ski locker is lower so with plug out of partition between ski locker and motor compartment ,there was water ski locker section when none was in motor section. Check the drain plug flange , I had to remove and re-caulk it . You could have leak in your bilge drain line that goes to driver side also. Good luck

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