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2006 Wakesetter VLX


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Everytime i post this i get a lot of comments about the car so here it goes:

Yeah, its heavy but it works fine. You guys have a twisted perception about whats needed to pull a boat. By the way, its a 1.8 litre 4cyl with 130Hp engine. Its a VW Passat, and i don't know what the model is called in the US.

I wouldn't tow it far with this car, but now its just a 5 minute ride and we do it twice a year. It stays in the water the whole season.

Gas is at the moment around $6/gal here so to fill up this boat was more than $250

Quit whining about gas prices!!!!!


Here are more pics

My Webpage

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Wow... I guess you haven't had any problems thus far but I can't help but ask... How does that thing stop??? Thats got to be the strongest 1.8L I've ever seen or heard of. Notworthy.gif

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Yep. You have proved that it can be towed by a pretty small car. For short distances in average conditions with no surprises you will be fine. However, when that 6 year old neighbor girl runs out in the street unexpectedly from between two car, I hope you still have things under control. :unsure:

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Awesome. I am seriously impressed if that can pull the boat out of the water and up a ramp.

I wonder what we could get rigged up with one of the old Geo Metro 3-cylinders... Crazy.gif

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I bet you don't pull over many hills at freeway speeds.. I agree the little car can do it (of course you can't really stop safely, and I'm guessing your ramp is short and not too steep) ... but my biggest test about my towing rig is maintaining speed on the big hills we have out here.

In CA, since most all our lakes are in the hills, it is a big factor (both going up, and down)

Boat looks good Yes.gif

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I wonder what we could get rigged up with one of the old Geo Metro 3-cylinders... Crazy.gif

I have one of those :lol: I bought it for $400 and have had it for over a year, at 55mpg it has paid for itself many times over!!!!

I'd try to hook it up to the bu but it would cover up my "MTV pimp my ride" bumper sticker ROFL.gif Plus the weight would definitely lift the front wheels with the 1.0 Litre engine off the ground!!!!!

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Let us know when gas jumps to $12 a gallon for you in a short period of time. Then we will hear some whining from that side of the pond.

Thats awesome that you can tow with the VW. Germans make awesome cars.

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Its a good thing thats all the further you tow ! With the angle of that trailer, if its equipt with surge brakes, you would be replacing them often.

Sweet rig by the way, The green and red combo is striking. Rockon.gif

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:Doh: What am I laughing at... My SUV sits in my driveway 5 days a week because I just bought a bicycle for my commute to work to save $$$ for gas money.

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